How do you see the return on investment in your online ventureHow to develop the O2O model in the US

wants you to be an entrepreneur, and you’re still playing with the pediatrics thing here. You’re too sorry for yourself. You don’t know human nature,

learn psychology will know, look at the others in the day, quietly called learning, but do not move the call to your procrastination cover; today after sleep, tomorrow will forget; if not then want to forget this problem in the end can not be trusted, the last strokes are out of date. You are still the dawdle! Only lily is cold, time is wasted!

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one. Burn mode

in reality I have not seen the start empty-handed overnight but there are a lot of friends, absolutely a few months a millionaire! Everyone familiar Cheung cowherd brother, black millet belong to this kind of person, but only for a few months, no investment is start empty-handed

have no value, who care you? Be dependent on others! And watch others play, you play as well as their own; even with his five thousand or six thousand inaccurate fans, is now doing enough for many components; even if you are serious in learning, in shaping the value of the individual, it is in walking your way to success…… This is called return on investment! Do a let others see you play, don’t watch others play, waste of life! Nobody cares what you are doing! Your own valuable! This is the entrepreneur’s capital!


2 all day to some people praise, good show, others do not know you,

then this reshuffle yet? We are not true! Or in other ways to look at.


at the beginning of this year, the 58 home announced the merger of the transaction Manicure toot, also means that once the dust settles the beauty industry O2O be in full swing in the field, has experienced a wave of big reshuffle last year, and is nearing the end of the knockout.


in order to grab the market, nail brand last year, "crazy subsidy model", and this model does not bring more users for the platform. Obviously, for the U.S. industry O2O market, "burn money" is difficult to profit, looking for users pain point, to find differentiation in order to allow better growth of the platform.

in a word, do this, what do you really gain in the end?

1, you are willing to let others see you play, or you go to see others Joseph

second questions, you want your business development for a long time, or flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum?

For the !

but in China, platform is attractive price is not in service, while the platform does not have the ability to keep prices low, this part of the user is only willing to enjoy preferential price Manicure service platform, is not conducive to long-term development.


for the United States Industry O2O, the so-called difference is not just stay on the product, but through a one to one, targeted services to enhance customer satisfaction with the service experience.

first, you are willing to let others see you play, or you go to see others Joseph

all the others praise, good, others do not know this person your pity! Society is a strong respect for the society! If others don’t understand your value, those you like, took for granted in his. Even if others promised to push you later, where is your capital?

the following two kinds of behavior is not absolutely, you see you have:

platform project, traffic is king of the Internet law is still valid, beauty industry vice versa. It’s also important to retain your users and keep them sticky.

for entrepreneurs is the most precious time; there are a lot of things never do So business, do not call twice the result with half! In my words, absolutely not! So in reality do not lose what business? Investment returns, you think it is worthwhile? What are the benefits of the development of your business? As long as there is not a waste of time, waste of life, not just OK! First put three questions:

two. User stickiness

1 reads other people’s articles all the time and doesn’t move,


Li Yun is an example of this, she told reporters, at present in the hands of her guests is mainly divided into two kinds: new guest and vip. With the help of the beaver platform, meet new customers, such as conversion of mature customer after contact WeChat directly through WeChat to pay money also appointment.

3, you’re doing what you like, or do you have what you want,

2, you want your business to develop for a long time, or a flash in the pan,

to the beaver family for example, users begin to find beauty items generally price increases of up to 20% from the Spring Festival this year, the amount of coupons and discounts is reduced. As a result, home beauty is no more expensive than the store service, in addition to doing activities hoarding list, users will not consider orders at ordinary times.


2014, O2O beauty industry in the capital blitz, became a station on the outlet of pigs, but last year, has repeatedly rebuffed, Internet analyst Wang Liyang told the "daily economic news" interview with reporters that the beauty industry will face O2O this year in addition to "fish" situation. Will enter the depth of the reshuffle.

burn training user groups, O2O has always been the practice, this approach has been bit by bit, the United States and other effective pilot group, while the burn model failed to improve the number of users of home service industry. But for the U. S. industry, O2O, if only to rely on money to seize the market, for investors, if not see the hope in the short term, they will not pay attention to.

look at the development of

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