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, Simply, Rose and Petals can be summarized as follows:

1. has a strong incentive to make money through the internet.

5, the past is not equal to the future, you can do well in the past, not always able to maintain, the past is not good, and later can also be very successful.

1. Mastering the technology and its own raw materials to ensure quality

10. has first-class attitudes, skills and abilities. The attitude of a good opportunity to learn more opportunities for people to make money, buy is customer service attitude and working spirit, now is not a few years ago, many people do not understand the Internet age, enough to buy things for the credibility and customer service attitude is very important.

own farm planting roses were included in Europe as the unique species, specifically Simply Rose Petals uses the dry flower, and invest in drying equipment, to ensure that after high temperature drying and long-distance transportation of petals, still can ensure that the new color and uniform quality constant. In addition, in order to increase the selection of color diversity subsequent colors extended to as many as 30, Simply Rose Petals will expand the drying room to four times, doubling the size of its own farm.

3. do not give yourself any excuse, do not know to go to study, now a lot of information can be found on the Internet, and can not find some forums to seek help.

11. you do become the first name of the industry, when you become the industry’s first money unstoppable.

6., I won’t get what I want, and I’ll get better soon. For example, it is difficult to do so, the flow of the site was search sealed. shlf1314 account, quick payment, K, etc., don’t lose heart, learn from experience, continue to do something else.

12. make detailed plans for yourself. Five major steps: clear goals, detailed plans, immediate actions, corrective actions, and persistence. Achieve goals first, focus, second repeat.

in the wedding, there is a small commodity may be overlooked by many people, that is petals. In order to create a romantic atmosphere, not only when new visitors to use petals, but also randomly scattered in the bridal chamber or wedding bed. Because of the wedding room decorated with fresh petals, scattered on the bed, on the ground, on the sofa, the petals of the color will be printed on the ground, sofa, the bed can not wash. Therefore, the domestic simulation rose petals instead of flowers petals, and the price is much cheaper. But after all, fake is fake, for many high-end people, really spend more exotic, and more environmentally friendly. Therefore, there are smart businesses will think, in the maintenance of bright colors on the basis of flowers drying treatment, to meet the needs of these customers, and through e-commerce monopoly model, the main long tail market, a great success.

8. take the maximum amount of action in the shortest possible time. Do what you want, don’t procrastinate.

in addition to serving the local Australian online consumers, Simply Rose Petals also provides Israel, the United States, Britain, Netherlands, Germany, the middle 11 countries customers online orders. On the principle of Australia customers by mail delivery, in one month before the wedding service; in other countries by air distribution, dispatch to express transportation, and AUD $100 minimum purchase amount limit.

from Australia Simply Rose Petals dry rose petals website was founded in 2004, the beginning, the site’s operators just because their rose farm will run retail and wholesale fresh rose wood family business, and later due to water pollution, like roses sold poorly, so actively investigating the acceptance of the market, with reference to other peers Britain and the United States, operating dry flower precedent, began the transition through a network of sales dried rose petals. For the first time, 10 colors of dry petals have been chosen and well received. Subsequently, out of control, this innovative service has also won the Australian bride special service award and other awards affirmed.

actually making money online is a simple thing, as long as you’re doing the right thing. If you want to rely on the site to make money, do not give up easily, give up the money can not be earned. My 375595304 welcome exchanges.

The success factors of

2., and what people can touch together, this is certainly a good webmaster, not to contact frequently to analyze their website, website promotion content layout of successful operation, use it to your advantage.

What people want to become

9. accumulates the quality and quantity of knowledge and connections.

two, online word-of-mouth, consumers take the initiative as their spokesperson,

7. do something that other people don’t want to do, what others dare not do, what others can’t do. This is not to say, there will be no instigation of other people to do evil suspects.

gives 12 tips to webmasters who want to make money via the Internet,


4., to have a strong faith in the web site, so that you like this job, love every day in front of the computer construction site, maintenance of the pain of the site.

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