Forum propaganda website twelve big trickWhat is important to make money online What should we have

, we know that advertising has two prerequisites, first, product needs, and two, product quality is better. Publicity websites are no exception. If your site is made with free resources, or content is nothing new, you’d better not waste your time here.

A and select the appropriate forum

two, choose a forum for navigation.

to publicity in many sites, you need to find a forum entrance. Here introduces a "China Forum navigation" web site, it collected nearly 1000 very popular BBS web site, and will be divided into 16 major categories, not only very comprehensive, and use is also very convenient.

three, to have a ambiguity of the subject

four, content to be controversial

five, the retie by others

to create a popular post is not an easy thing. But we can find some of those reply rate is very high at the forum postings to other forums posted, and his signature in the post add publicity or added to their advertising campaign.

six, long hair

General Forum look stick is have no patience! It’s too long, no matter how attractive it is, few people can read it! So be sure to wear long hair! How do you grow your hair short? Long cropped hair does not mean that you shorten the paste as much as possible! But will a stick into paste, to keep abreast of the form! Like a TV play, it’s posted many times! But remember, no more than 7 stickers! And you can send it every other time, to M

when I asked him if he had done these projects, he said there are many projects, such as hang up, do a month after the hook project, if according to him a month can earn one thousand, there are a lot of advertising advertising alliance. For example, the use of SEO technology to optimize a website, after doing CPA registration, a day to earn 100-200., I think, such a good project is not true, if they are so good to earn, why come out propaganda,


I figured that as a member, to charges of training, it is I want to promote his project, I have no more to talk with that person, I think this project is outdated, because a good project is not so easy to be known. And I also saw him do a lot of publicity. There is little likelihood of making money. I will still insist on their SEO road to bring me a passive income, because I chose this when making money online is a good project for a half months to consider, the electronic commerce every day is in the rapid development of network marketing, network promotion, this must be the future development trend. If I don’t do good online money now, 5 years later, I’m sure I’m sorry I didn’t make that choice.

said that under the following conditions that need money to do network also requires! Because now using spare time to make money in the operation of this project to make money online, one day I can spare 10 hours to do their own projects, because I have four sites now, these four sites need to be updated every day, but now the recent end, some of the subjects to review. So some websites are updated from time to time. A site is often updated to make your site better. This morning I found my website and a Taobao guest website again. And there are rows in the home page position, take a look at this ranking, but also really excited, and their own pay did not waste in vain, although income is not much, but understand things are not worse than others. Now, how do you like to make money online? We need to have the following qualifications,

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan


first: prerequisites

need to have a computer can operate independently, because every day is to spend time in the Internet cafes operating the project, I generally do not recommend, because there is to spend your money on the Internet cafes also suffer, the air is not good, it is easy to make people sleepy. In fact, I still prefer the feeling of college students in the dormitory online. Nothing will ever happen

Do Wangzhuan

last night in a Guangdong SEO business group inside to see a person with a chat, I will see what he is after the Q project, after we entered the two room YY speech speech, first I thought that what I do is to start new projects, one of the audience listening to him is to do project how, when I heard him say he has dozens of G Wangzhuan tutorial, I was really scared, a person to do so many projects in

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