Network promotion of Baidu know the actual combat experience skills4 ways to increase Adsense inco

currently has 12 different AdSense formats, the webmaster can use AdSense format as needed, and can also combine 2 formats of AdSense advertising. In practice, the big rectangle 336×280 has a higher click rate, moderate 300×250 and 120×600, and the click rate is good.

1. focuses on the best form of AdSense ad.

in the submission of Baidu know the problem, leave the chain is more feasible, good luck directly through, bad luck was dragged to review. In the answer to insert the picture link, no matter what the situation has been audited, but the picture does not have any obvious advertisement oh.

When the answer to the

first: Baidu knows the application for the account number

Adsense does not deduct the amount, it is the most worthy of choice, but also the most Adsense choice of advertising alliance. Many webmaster asked me how to increase adsence income. I have 4 kinds of proven and effective methods to introduce to you.

to do Baidu know first registered Baidu account is a must, a successful promotion, first starting from the account, you can add , add the URL, planning a good account will have a multiplier effect. I don’t think the Baidu account is as good as possible. In general, I would recommend 10-15 for OK. To facilitate themselves, the Baidu account to save their own commonly used mailbox, anytime, anywhere can call.

to personal experience, in the reference material to stay outside the chain, the probability than directly stay outside the chain to easily through. Leaving links at reference sites is easier to pass through audits.

these 4 methods are undoubtedly feasible. You can increase your click through rate and increase your AdSense revenue. My current English station hits are all at 3-4%, and the click rate at the Chinese station is around 1%. Of course, in the operation, you can and network marketing, continue to try, be sure to monitor its effectiveness, to find your own adsence format.

before submitting the problem, you have to plan the key words, imagine, change an angle analysis, usually how to search customers. The key question is the top priority of the customer search, the keyword matching is appropriate, the probability of search is quite large. Reminder: to submit questions and answer questions should not be frequent.

our problem is solved after the maintenance of the post, every day there are plans to top Oh, otherwise the ranking will soon decline, how to maintain the post, I >!

question is submitted, it is better not to accept it immediately. It is better to retain it in 2-3 days’ time, but this is in the case of mutual push, otherwise it can be carried out immediately.

Baidu know is every webmaster must know how to do network promotion, Baidu search engine as a domestic brand, he is very care about their products, which makes us do the webmaster like this fat. How do Baidu know promotion, in fact, just 6 steps easy to get.

advise you to set their own color AdSense ads into your website place, for example, if your site is a white background, put your advertising border and background is also set to white, AdSense ads look like web content, this approach can get higher click rate.

fifth: Baidu knows the answer to the adoption of

second: Baidu knows the maintenance of accounts

fourth: Baidu know how to stay outside the chain of skills

sixth: Baidu knows the top pasting method

3.AdSense is best placed near the top of the page.

2. brings AdSense ads to the web.

third: Baidu knows the submission and response of the problem

maintain a high-level Baidu account, Baidu know the premise of leaving the chain, the higher the level, leaving the chain most easily audited through, in my experience, more than 4, the success rate of about 70%. Raising a number is a difficult thing. First of all, you have to answer the recommended Baidu know the problem, must be professional, by which it is possible to obtain the questioner; secondly to take ourselves from a, but the change of IP is very troublesome, proxy access, speed can not keep up; the second is to find some group, group of friends to help you find the questions, then you the answer, let them give you adopt the best answer slowly growth experience. After a long period of insistence, a high-level Baidu account even tempered.

, but to remind you, adsence points out a number of illegal graphical placement methods. Please refer to the guide, do not violate the rules.

your AdSense is best placed near the top of the page where visitors can see ads quickly. AdSense is placed at the bottom of the page. From the effect, the click rate drops quickly. I have done experiments, advertising at the top of the click rate of about 1%, the same page at the bottom of the page, click rate dropped to 1/1000, less than.

4. images can be close to your AdSense ad.

images placed near AdSense text ads have been shown to have a significant impact on click through rates because images attract attention.

also remind you that you must not violate the shlf1314 guidelines and regulations. Otherwise, there is no more income on your books than in your pocket. In terms of integrity, shlf1314 is still trustworthy.

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