n the face of the T personalityCrisis LETV CEO substitutions exactly how will change

, 8, in September last year has been considered for CEO, was also responsible for decisions of Listed Companies in the internal training and selection, after the financial record China shares music, this decision received substantial progress, speculation is ultimately decided by the general manager Liang Jundan LETV post promotion component perhaps Sun Hongbin.

IT people beg for development, the market is advocating " flow on value-added ". In the human resources manager position, the performance pressure, the cost limit puzzle are many, the cultivation and the retention talented person also becomes to say is easy to do difficult.

free thinking is the source of innovation. In order to keep the vitality of IT people and the power of R & D, I wonder how many IT companies want to be people-oriented.

The Central Committee of SASAC director Wang Zhongming said:



According to Jia Yueting

jumps from Lenovo,

after several rumors, in May 21st, as music executives change finally has a definite result. The same day, LETV announced that Jia Yueting will resign LETV a general manager to Liang Jun as one of the main characters by rumors, at present, Jia Yueting will continue to serve as chairman of the company, the board of directors of the strategic committee, the nomination committee, the audit committee duties.

according to public information, Liang Jun was born in 1970, graduated from Beijing Jiaotong University, and received a master’s degree in electrical engineering. Coincidentally, as with Sun Hongbin, Liang Jun’s "old club" is also Lenovo, he entered Lenovo Group in 1995, a stay for 17 years. During this period, Liang Jun served as PC, server and network laboratory server division project manager, deputy general manager and general manager, product chain management department of Lenovo Mobile Communication Technology Ltd. vice president of product development and product marketing and mobile Internet, digital home group vice president of product development. It can be said, Liang Jun experienced Lenovo Group PC development in the most brilliant period of time, "Lenovo’s server business is actually I built up, did about seven or eight years of server business."." Liang Jun told the media.

in the media exchange later on, new CEO Liang Jun said that the four aspects in the future development of the company concerned especially includes: one is to maintain a leading edge in the terminal; two is the content realizable; three is the formation of music as ecological closed-loop open; four is to enhance the efficiency and organizational change.


this is Sun Hongbin fancy man, Liang Jun in the end who, why can LETV as a general manager? And he will lead LETV to where

brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan,

2007, Liang Jun began to do mobile phone business, it is this time, he began to have curiosity on the Internet, in 2012, Liang Jun officially switched to music as the music, this is his career in the first job hopping. About the reason, Liang Jun had admitted in an interview, the job is mainly from the Internet and curiosity for Jia Yueting appreciation. "Inside the association, I jumped into the mobile phone business in 2007, a few years down, although it is in the mobile Internet, but still around the hardware, once in 2009 Chinese Internet Conference, we have come to discuss in 3G, a mobile phone in the end what. If you ask this question today, you don’t know the market at all, and it feels like OUT. For me, I’m a different company, and I really want to have the chance to do it some day

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