n order to know their friends experience know the quiz page officially launched

here, give a detailed description of the new strategy under questioning rules: the questioner ask when will deduct 5 value of wealth; when asking the question after the treatment, the system will then reward 5 wealth value. We hope that through this way, encourage the questioner to raise valid questions and questions of timely treatment, so as to protect the interests of the respondents. On the other hand, the problem of treatment, we will reward the questioner corresponding wealth of values, also taking into account the interests of the questioner.


and more attracted our attention, know the answer box has added a new function, yes, she is, "Upload" button to

The new

upload the new function of

dear Shanghai dragon ER, I believe that everyone has seen and attention to know the answer page has been officially launched recently, love Shanghai products update very frequently. Before is in love once in Shanghai business innovation is Google’s followers, but now love Shanghai determined to business innovation has become a priority among priorities of its strategy. Love Shanghai according to Chinese search habits will likely develop completely different from Google’s market. Love the sea 2012 years, also at one time referred to the technical development and innovation, bring a better user experience.



to modify the

Product >

visual style: the new quiz page will adopt the answer from red to green color adjustment, visual style closer to the ZhengZhan style, the overall feeling is more elegant.

after you answered the questions encountered in seeking novels, music, video and so on demand for resources, you can use the "Upload" button on the page in a fix, know directly upload information, no longer have to take one more step to the mailbox. Also, when there are questions consult a variety of file information, for example, ask a music name, ask a story, ask what novels look good, what music ah what, at this time, if you can when answering questions, and also upload a complete the information, that is must be adopted additional points.

information distribution: block integration problems, reduce line; curtail general information, such as the reduction of multi-level classification, and the classification problem is placed on the problem below; integration content, evaluation on the answer, convenient to read; encourage visitors to highlight the approve button, to express their views.

love Shanghai in the future to build a platform for innovation system. In this platform, they will be derived as a service provider, for the user, they provide the most convenient service guidelines for cooperation, they bring the most efficient demand for. In order to make the page read and answer questions experience more smooth, the new page is not only a question change in the style of the page, but also based on the original version of the information arrangement has been adjusted. The main changes are as follows:


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