No matter the promotion or the chain you have to soft love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm 2

soft. Always used to do the promotion, or to take a link. Now the chain has become more and more difficult to say, the news source also spent money. In fact, this is understandable, but you have to let users click on your link, so the search engine will think you this link is valuable, would not become a garbage link. So when you make a link we must do guide, such as at the back of the link to write on some guide, or provide some valuable content, such as our website to provide free e-books, free software download, free tutorials etc. this kind of user needs, the user will click.

I think the two are the most important, the first is your website content itself is valuable to users, the second is the promotion of your content is valuable. Your promotion content at least not like Shanghai advertising style as naked example, must have the value to the user or let the user feel interesting also, advertising must be hidden deep, but in a soft case Shanghai dragon circle is the most widely circulated in Hangzhou 19 building site planning a classic text marketing case, saw the soft friends think classic, do marketing people in general is not difficult to see that is an advertisement, the advertisement is hidden very deep, and there’s just perfect, this can be called soft wen.

also wants to improve the promotion of the soft situation is starting from the content itself, like the love of the sea for several examples, it is evident that advertising, simply can not be called soft. Such content is not for users to upgrade any value, it appears in the most valuable place, wasting the user’s time, Shanghai will definitely love clean. From the past love Shanghai upgrade algorithm involves a piece of content is the largest, followed by links. A future upgrade it certainly is, the protection of love Shanghai also launched the spark program to enhance the original content, so the real content is king of the times to come true, we should do what preparations.

if it is not linked, in fact there is a way, that is the promotion of website brand word >.

love Shanghai launched by the 2 algorithm Scindapsus aureus in the webmaster circles on the pan fried, a little attention believe love Shanghai friends all know, the blow and clean the object is the news source soft promotion and the chain. So many people say that news source extension or news source outside the chain to die, actually I don’t think so, but love Shanghai to clean up the garbage in the garbage in the news source of ads. Like a number of high-quality source platform, Sina, NetEase, Sohu, so it is not clear. The other is not to say that the chain news source is trivial, please look at this sentence: the obvious promotion of soft paper. In fact, this can be another way to say a little more straightforward, is ads. This shows that Shanghai is not love will make the news source of no value, after they take the garbage out, high-quality platform news source to the rest of the weight higher.

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