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based information analysis content distribution

micro-blog marketing phrase "first micro-blog, after marketing" in the "content is king" era, the content determines the value of micro-blog brand height, show brand image. Along with the increasing of micro-blog users, more and more electricity providers have joined the ranks of micro-blog marketing, which also are the industry leader, they occupy a brand advantage in the micro-blog platform, how they are micro-blog marketing? I sent out from micro-blog, the Jingdong and the two famous Eslite mall in the electricity supplier industry brand business, trying to find some laws and experiences.

released from the frequency point of view, the Jingdong posted an average frequency of 5.9 / day, the average frequency in the 7.5 release / day. Qie Jingdong no micro-blog released every Saturday, where every Saturday, no new micro-blog released. And as everyone knows, the weekend is micro-blog people use time active, to give up such a good time to? But there is a detail is worthy of recognition, the author reviewed in recent days of micro-blog, two did not use "Pippi time machine" was released.

Jingdong as VANCL mall and the domestic first-line electricity supplier brand, fan is the main source of active users search attention + transformation and activities. The active attention to the small number of Jingdong on 60 mall, VANCL attention 403 people, the basic concern for the industry celebrities, well-known media and well-known enterprises, reflect the brand image from the details. If your micro-blog on a large number of grassroots, I believe many people will question the source of your fans, and the impact on brand image. Because most individuals and small and medium-sized enterprise micro-blog micro-blog is through mutual powder or into the group back way to add fans, of course here is not completely deny this promotion, but according to the specific situation of the company to decide.


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: VANCL mall and Jingdong paid more attention to the industry celebrities, media companies, and more for user authentication.

content distribution frequency of


from the number of fans, because the main micro-blog VANCL for fans of VANCL group, the number of fans of the official blog is not much. The number of sub Jingdong micro-blog mall reached 11 (only micro-blog plus V number), the number of micro-blog VANCL reached 8. The micro-blog matrix is a Jingdong Jingdong mall mall official blog as the center, each business sector is divided a subset of micro-blog, where the customer is VANCL fans as the center, into the matrix of multi star.


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