On May 20th the Shanghai club to share love

activity is mainly discussed on 4 aspects of

Personal view:

activities of the "chain of judgment" is also our webmaster should consider another point, the chain has been the focus of our attention, but now the chain, Shanghai love has been updated, also issued a lot of algorithms, but there are still many in the chain of garbage, A5 forum signature cancel I believe everyone is clear, so this is the purpose of what, I personally think it.

May 20th is a special day, married on this day a lot of people, a lot of people say, a lot of people so romantic, in this special day was held in Shanghai, the activities of love. "May 20th love Shanghai Webmaster Platform held in Beijing" 2013 love Shanghai Webmaster Platform high-end Shanghai dragon club "activities, invited a number of well-known sites, senior Shanghai dragon R and webmaster participation, dynamic love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, Shanghai love to share, and the recent launch of the" pomegranate "and" origin ", the original algorithm the original project and other issues, conducted in-depth exchanges and sharing. The site is responsible for people provided a lot of valuable feedback and suggestions, Lee is the webmaster generally reflect the problem one by one to answer." For this event, I believe the future is more clear for many Shanghai people understand how long a step by step to establish their own based on the move. Love is also the position of Lee in Shanghai, Shanghai after the love will change more perfect, more uncertain factors, everything is perfect as the center.

I think a theme is love before Shanghai mentioned the webmaster should first consider, that is love Shanghai the activities mentioned "original project", this project is the judgment of the original article, how to judge the original, this love Shanghai still further perfect, and some have been implemented, I believe you also note, is the original, in the lower left-hand corner of the original article, " " I think the introduction of this policy for a lot of love to write original articles of the webmaster is a very good thing, because the search engines face too many similar articles, even the love of Shanghai do not know what is the original. So this project, we should be optimistic about the webmaster, avoiding plagiarism, return to original Shanghai dragon.


so my advice is to return to the original owners, together to create a good original search engine, this will also give this love Shanghai station bring weight and traffic. To the original network browser has also brought a certain help to build a win-win situation.

when we read this activity, I think for the webmaster should have a summary. What love Shanghai around the center to launch activities, for our webmaster how to consider the site planning should be reasonable, let oneself can have a place to live in the Shanghai dragon on this path.

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