Love the new algorithm adjusted chain reaction phenomenon in Shanghai

1, website snapshot date phenomenon. According to the analysis of most of the site observation, many sites have site snapshot, direct search box enter the URL snapshot, snapshot keywords ranking three to maintain synchronization, even more surprising is the three completely different date 3. In fact, before the more we see is the keyword site home page snapshot snapshot and often date inconsistencies, did not feel what site normal. But as long as the website snapshot three completely inconsistent situation, according to the analysis of most web data, many websites were right down state. To see through a simple domain command (just a simple view, do not represent all), a large number of websites such as www.qizejixie贵族宝贝 is not the first home page.

summed up the analysis of the phenomenon of love chain reaction Shanghai algorithm adjusted, from the beginning of June this year, Shanghai love big moves constantly, resulting in a lot of stationmaster crying again and again as we all know, the webmaster can be heard without end, and Shanghai dragon people are relying on search engines to get traffic, many times you website kill, mean monthly income of million direct income to 0. Until now, with the fate of search engine still did not break, I am afraid that most people live every day in always on tenterhooks.

crystal key to explain to you under the maple leaf, a new phenomenon in a series of algorithms for the second half of the year to update the Shanghai love, give you some inspiration, when dealing with problems will help avoid operational risk index. We all know that long-term stable living rankings than to bring up too many difficulties, a long-term stable live ranking Shanghai dragon Er, various risk control by considering his daily operation in Shanghai Longfeng far more than those who just want to ranking on the home page of Shanghai dragon Er trouble more.

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2, the website included phenomenon. The website included believe that many webmaster have experienced is always in a constant state of change radically. We pay more attention to the website of the content there was no income, is actually hope to bring more traffic through the included, included in the site is not stable, the website traffic directly drop. This is a headache problem for adsense. If Shanghai dragon people are concerned about the website ranking and stability. Then the stability is the focus of the webmaster website content included and flow, the two complement each other. According to the analysis of the website data for such a long time, these included many direct flow change radically, in half, some directly flow down to a few tens of IP, but there is one point brand site, at the same time included big traffic, only a little bit fluctuation. This makes me thinking that, when the search engine included in search results show the change radically, is one of 2 things, the first is to find their own search engine included reducing, really put up or delete included page or cache to observe. Second to reduce the query included. In fact, the search engine or continue in the search results displayed on the web page.

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