Export external links is conducive to the website of Shanghai Dragon

I think this strategy is a more friendly strategy. Do you have the same one on the red boots website, there are a lot of resources with you, and you will choose to link to your competitors website. I think the biggest benefit is automatic expansion, we spend a lot of time to write mail to say "Shanghai Dragon Staff hey, you can link to me? I wrote these contents". Although the link to them, they will see your behavior when analyzing the website or flow, nature will know you are chain to him.

on "red boots" website, and another site there are a lot of red boots information resources. You need to decide whether in their own page link to another web site. Some people would say do not have to do so can link to it, other "link juice" page, leave your site. If you want to get a good ranking in red boots, all the resources on its Web site and does not transfer any value outside the station ". You don’t want visitors to leave your site, you will do a lot of work to encourage visitors to buy these shoes, why would they send to other places? Many people think so. You don’t want to help your competitors, if you link to them, they will improve the keywords ranking, then the user can not access your web page, the same, causing damage to your ranking. If you stand outside the chain to all the resources, you will want to tell the search engines, look, there is so much better than me, your ranking will drop.

Suppose we have a

this is a school of thought, we often see such case. We see people notice your brand or read your articles, but they never link to you. Some people do not think what is not reasonable, in this regard, here are some information on the behavior is reasonable. The search engine data in 2011 showed the correlation derived the number of links and page rank is 0.04, this figure does not look great, and consider the more than 200 ranking of other factors, no big deal. It cannot show a lot of links will help you on the web page ranking. But it is also shown that, if there is indeed a lot of links in your website, your ranking will hurt. If you don’t take it so we can’t ignore or even extreme.

Strategy two:

link in Shanghai sounds like dragon circles often derogatory behavior, ER and Shanghai Longfeng have always been in the debate should be how to do outbound links on your site. Now, we compare two different strategies to link everywhere. Look at the advantages and problems of the two strategies respectively, let me choose the chain export strategy of their own.


if you want to become an expert in a particular field, it will make you more like an expert. For example, we are reading or reading.

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