The novice webmaster should be how to maintain stable rank

website on the server, we must make some updates on the website to post, waiting for the love of Shanghai and our new sites included the spider crawling. When the new station is love Shanghai included, early in the evening every day to observe peer ranking, and rank their station, check the spider crawling log. In order to better optimize our station, because the search engine is a machine, after all, not artificial. It has its algorithm, we have our approach, but if in order to rank as far as possible or to follow the way we do spiders. To conduct a thorough examination of the rankings and connected every day.

as mentioned above, the first thing to do it must be original, want to do rankings must do friendship. We have a few suggestions for the chain and friendship, first love Shanghai ranking of the chain, is through the YAHOO chain to observe. If you want to increase the page, included snapshot update speed, speed, will love Shanghai anti chain, each of the effect.

achieve the above four points, enough to keep the stable rank. I hope to give some help and reference for novice webmaster. Still.

, two time update, step by step chain

website, every few minutes to be updated, grassroots Webmaster Station time can relax in a ten minutes. Normal to above hundreds of articles every day, spiders love to eat new content, if something is too small, it will eat, so people do not blame the officiating, not to mention the spider? The chain every day after getting up in the morning, the morning before going to bed, we must adhere to the fifty. Adhere to one year, the attention of less than three thousand words. You are absolutely possible to do first. A method and way of the chain is the introduction of the spider crawling their station. Love can promote Shanghai snapshot update timely.

When we put the frame in the

three, the original, friendship is king

afternoon tea time, today is the Lantern Festival, I wish the whole world is the first station and A5 station network happy Lantern Festival, and family happiness here, happy reunion. I today is the simple explanation of "novice webmaster should be how to maintain stable Ranking Ranking is stable all the webmaster all hope, but after all, we who are not Robin Li, we don’t have this permission, we must follow the basic law of Shanghai Longfeng to operate. The ranking is more stable.

do stand like the same person, must be a good, because you made a mistake and no one will forgive you, even if you went out from the prison. We do stand for the first time put the station layout, key words written, do not change in the middle, if the site did not grasp the situation, no need to open the website domain name. Because of the very low weight website webmaster. Once the change is likely to be K station, will disappear in the search engine, of course, the details of the modification or can. But does not affect the overall.

In the original

four, do stand for life, the essence of

, a moment of attention, close observation of

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