2013 Shanghai dragon has been from the technical manual work into an art

so, your site is

after 2013, the website of Shanghai dragon has no Shanghai Longfeng?……

before reading this article, you put aside all think about the place of the Shanghai dragon knowledge, what weight, what the amount collected, what words, what title writing, what H1, what the anchor text like only Shanghai dragon talent will go on. Because today is the site to share Blog 39 Shanghai dragon has been living from physical technology into an art.

art! >

a few days ago, Shanghai refused to love owners launched outside the chain of tools beta version, the number of links to low quality, at the site of the false spam links is considerable, and may have a negative impact on the site, and is difficult to pass through the other way to delete spam links, can be used to delete the chain tool. I think this is on the one hand before a redemption of K station opportunity, on the other hand also love Shanghai prelude to the current flood cleaning garbage site, after all, love Shanghai search results by netizens recognition is the key, can not let the spam has been ranked first.

just take the Shanghai dragon, this tool is quite innovative, at least in the future direction of Shanghai Longfeng foresaw, more important, while the high correlation and the chain is natural and effective outside chain.

so I call it a


we will not only focus on the exclusive terms I said earlier, the optimization of internal structure will pay attention to the website, consider the domain name and space factors, consider the keywords, long tail keywords layout, even pure static and pseudo static is the better. Moreover, we will crazy hair the chain, original or false original or every article we will try to release or contribute to the forum or portal, as long as you can on the place, all want to leave a mud and India, but finally added, "please indicate to source…… "Like it.. Shanghai dragon, we do is to live, but also physical work.

if the content of the website as a product of view, so the chain is a kind of sales channels, while the Shanghai dragon to get traffic, but is not the natural ranking, chivalrous Shanghai dragon refers to the natural flow through the search engine, in general, I think should jump out of the past Shanghai Dragon thinking site optimization, content to spread out, let the website marketing ~

what is art? Is that some people cannot read or some people see you, of course, more people are indulged with their subjective opinions, published comments and points out of order, one thousand readers, one thousand Hamlett, then Shanghai will have N Longfeng thoughts, who is also wrong it is not certain, because they know that only love Shanghai.

before 2013, the website of Shanghai dragon = content + Chain

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