A way of network marketing is not just Shanghai assisted by SEM

this simple example on how to buy Shanghai Longfeng resources. We can buy one to two PR greater than or equal to 3 of an old domain name, after buying two using the method. First, we can directly use the old domain name to do stand. Second, we can be used to create a two resource station, note that the two resource station site space IP must be different, and they do not link, the resource station in chain form the chain to the main station. This can shorten the time of the rankings to a certain extent.

, a Shanghai dragon is definitely not cheap

The construction of

another investment is Shanghai dragon team. A member of a mature team consists of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon head, the head is the most important, he must have excellent Shanghai Dragon technology, some training and leadership skills. In addition to the at least one chain of the Commissioner, a Links Commissioner, a website editor. If the condition allows, best can include a programmer, his role is error in the program, can receive timely treatment, he can become the site administrator.

two, to achieve the purpose of ROI first plan

why? We all know that Shanghai dragon is mainly divided into two parts: inside and outside stations. Outside the station is the main part of the chain, and in the station optimization, content, and these content, often are ignored. The station optimization.

from the station before the Shanghai dragon actually began to do. In fact, Shanghai is not only doing the Longfeng keyword ranking so simple, a lot of Shanghai dragon S (specialized in Shanghai Longfeng technical personnel is the baby called "Search Engine Optimizers", referred to as the Shanghai dragon s. ) to enterprises engaged in the Shanghai dragon, in fact to their space is not too big. This is why the enterprise website of Shanghai dragon is not up to one of the reasons of the effect.

Shanghai dragon is cheap? Relative to the bidding, Shanghai Longfeng cost is much lower, but it is not cheap. Most of PPC costs are spent on the search engine, while Shanghai Longfeng cost is mainly used in the implementation of the strategy for Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Longfeng costs include Shanghai Longfeng resources investment, Shanghai Dragon Investment team. Note that here said the Shanghai dragon resources is absolutely not allow everyone to buy links, buy bulk software, if you cast these black hat Shanghai dragon third party resources, as do the bidding.

yesterday to see an article called on why Shanghai dragon is the best way of network marketing, so the germination of the idea of writing this article. Because Dongguan Shanghai dragon tide that Shanghai dragon is not marketing, it and bidding together, and called SEM, which is two ways to search engine marketing. It is only an auxiliary means, the Dongguan tidal Shanghai Longfeng detailed talk about some of their own views of Shanghai dragon.

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