Google ranked Shanghai dragon small details you do it

4. select keywords, we can use the keyword analysis tools, web site, or to communicate with friends, always understand the product dynamic and degree of enthusiasm, to see what some forums >

my main contact is English web site keywords ranking optimization optimization that is noble baby. Learn how to analyze keywords and keywords, reasonable arrangements for the keyword density, write labels, update the news station, learn how to send the chain, the chain effective, high quality the chain, how to do the third party blog and maintenance stations.

As to what should be done today before

1. we do not choose too large words, don’t try to choose general keywords. Most of this year as we do is bag products, we can choose bags, handbags this word, not only the competition, the promotion difficulty coefficient and even if you do go up from large IP but the conversion rate is very low. In addition, to search for this kind of word bags customers have clear purpose, is to buy Gucci, Chanel or other brand what bag? This keyword is very inefficient, unless your site is a bag integrated station contains a lot of brand package, other brands make up words the website, you want to become bigger and stronger is also possible, but requires great effort.

review of his Shanghai Longfeng noble baby optimization way, from the start in May 12, 2009, remember particularly impressed, because that is the 08 Wenchuan earthquake of 1st anniversary, writing is not good, but still have a summary. I didn’t know what to learn what, how much growth, where insufficient. Along the way, touch the endless and sad. A curious, anxious, excited, had once lost. I believe this is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er have experienced.

2. selected with the content of the website is relevant, no related words even do a very good position, attracted a lot of IP finally not to order, no meaning.

(a) early to determine a good website optimization keywords, this is very important, is the lifeblood of website promotion Keywords, keyword selection is the first step of keyword optimization, good words can make us promotion effort, can bring considerable IP website, more important is to improve the conversion rate of IP and achieve the desired effect, this is the ultimate goal of our generalization. Keywords the note is a lot:

Many Keywords

work every day, how to effectively accomplish their tasks in the completion, also need to continue learning. It is important to make a daily work plan, no plan, empty head work just perceptibly. In the website promotion process should clearly understand the promotion process, making each site in the optimization process of stage plan, not without purpose.

3. to analysis keywords in the perspective of customers, understand customer search habits.

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