Adsense is no longer the brilliant noble baby say goodbye

in 2015, as a webmaster I even found Google Adsense even before you can display began to appear unable to access the situation, even if they have the function of asynchronous, can not stop the pace of China’s GFW! ~ not to mention, slow down my web page loading speed. So, I finally decided to temporarily remove all Adsense ads, looking forward to one day return again.

After entering

since Google out of China, the freedom of the network really as one day, even the owners are most concerned about the advertising alliance would be spared. The last days of 2014, and even in the Google mail is completely shielded, events, so it can be determined, at least for now Google basic and we say goodbye to the people on the mainland.

I have an old webmaster, began to build the first station from 10 years of students. Up to now the calf network, is also accompanied by the noble baby Adsene came all the way from; create an account, to receive the pin code, and then to the collection, until now still remember! Today by temporarily leaving the occasion to you, talk about how to apply for a novice webmaster nobility baby Adsense.

I want to start, you must learn how to access the website of Google? So, I made a tutorial "trick let you swim in the PC/MAC/IOS, Facebook, Twitter in noble baby [hosts]" tells you how to access the site in front of Google. Then, the next login to your Adsense website: 贵族宝贝 noble baby贵族宝贝/adsense register for an account, and then the domestic advertising alliance love Shanghai first verify your site.

AdSense for the General Union of Shanghai is much lower threshold than love, after that, you can start to set up your account information and account number. Now Adsense opened the transfer payment, so no longer need to take to the bank dollar bill. Because here is an international remittance transfer, so need to fill out the bank’s international SWIFT code, here we recommend to the 贵族宝贝hubsky贵族宝贝/swift.html website. It should also be noted that the name in pinyin to fill, and the first name in the name; the bank fill on the card English name.


is next on advertising, there are many optimization methods of advertising, I recommend everyone here will advertising colors to your site and theme color combination, so that the advertisement looks more like the content, can improve the click rate. When the amount of your account to 20USD, this time you will receive the pin code, and pin code into adsense>



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