100 thousand novel P station suffered DDOS attacks antecedents and consequences


site traffic, jealous is inevitable, then met with DDOS attacks.

12 years of the Spring Festival, has been in the starting point on the energy-saving Wu move back, to see the latest chapter, nature is to buy VIP, not expensive, just feel a little waste, read the useless, then built a novel station Wu move back, the latest update the sections and toss nearly a year, not much better, not to love Shanghai home, no traffic, but he just do the website itself, so don’t expect any prospect.

because every night to update the novel, open the website backstage at a time, even after a 10 seconds is not open, aware of website problems; direct contact space, space is the host of foreign agents, is awesome, but also watch online in the depth of night, circumstance, that is DDOS attack, website traffic is too big, too limited. Because do not know how much capacity to attack specific, let’s help to solve the problem of space.

When the

himself in Shanghai love Webmaster Platform above look, website ranking plummeted, more directly fell seventh. The spider love love Shanghai morning out, and the attack is just before dawn, let the spider failed, then included, snapshots, ranking directly down.

at the end of last year, love Shanghai adjustment algorithm on the sale and purchase of the link to the website, the link price straight down, anyway, your site no flow, so try to buy some links, early no effect, when the Spring Festival of 2013, site traffic increased suddenly, see "this word ranking, Wu Qiankun" was to love Shanghai home, so in the article link many websites to collect, get a lot of the chain.

for about 35 days, the space category by the original bandwidth is not enough, also suffered DDOS attacks, and then intend to refund the space business.

, see a call to accelerate the music site in Shanghai Webmaster Platform love home, before probably heard of it, but then the website no attack, have not used; since it is love Shanghai Webmaster Platform recommended, so the product should be good. The domain name before the record number has not been canceled, while using a foreign host, can still be used to accelerate the music. >

introduce 80, 07 years began to do the webmaster, do during the day and work at night, outside the chain, black chain, what stations Dounong, most operators at the same time 20 sites, was full of garbage station, station station, mostly fiction movie station also had mostly unknown.

in March, the site was to love Shanghai home page second, although only three days, immediately dropped to fifth place, but those few days every day with 100 thousand IP, then cut a figure (with shield advertising plug-ins, so there is no promotion link).

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