Comparative analysis of the garbage station and normal station Shanghai Longfeng optimization of sim

for the garbage station, we are most concerned about the most important thing is to let the website quickly get search engines, the most important is the rankings. Only ranking more forward, in order to search relevant keywords in Internet users get more traffic, get more traffic, and then put these traffic into revenue. So, the garbage station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization we focus lies in how to quickly improve website rankings. To improve website ranking, optimization specifically do relevant keywords.

garbage station, or normal station, want the website to get rapid development, more smoothly through the station profitable, the webmaster to contact and learn Shanghai dragon knowledge optimization. After all, a reasonable and excellent Shanghai dragon can let the webmaster do stand of the road more smoothly, can get faster flow, let the site get better ranking in search engines, such as weight and included. However, for these two models are not the same station, we need to use the corresponding methods and Countermeasures of Shanghai dragon should also be different, and this difference also reflects two different stand ideas.

just contact do stand webmaster always easily entangled in a problem, it is in the end is to do regular station or do the dumpster? Seems to make people more easily accept the dumpster is "life" is always long but normal station, but had to admit that the station can earn money faster garbage. As long as your Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology in place. But once we do stand with the experience and the growth experience, this attitude will quickly disappear, because as long as you do not stop the illegal garbage, the station is indeed do stand profit a relatively "shortcut", while the normal station is worth Adsense long development of ambition, how to let the two station all profit is as a webmaster should be most concerned about the problem.

first, the search using the keyword query tool and keywords, such as the words used to love Shanghai hot list, noble baby query tool, the comparative analysis of different keywords heat and intense competition, we should focus on the determination of key words; secondly, in order to determine the key words on the site, in the "hierarchical" keyword the layout of "tiered" specific layout can be made from the home page, column, page, keyword density control in about 5% is the best, while paying attention to prioritize the keywords, the main keywords mainly on the home page to do, for popular keywords on the main column to do, mainly for the long tail keywords in the content page to do, should pay attention to the natural transition between keywords, the keywords of each priority can be formed The natural association, it has a more ideal effect for the evaluation of search engines; finally, in order to make the website ranking to achieve optimal effect, the most is mainly rely on the high quality of the chain, the pursuit of speed, after the start stop seeking to achieve through the purchase link way, at the same time ensure buy link or subsequent exchange links remain stable, not the chain disappear phenomenon in a short period of time, otherwise.

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