Case analysis of Shanghai and the 301 noble love baby steering response

website snapshot update to 4-8, included the same (5), the chain increased, ranking did not change, the old site is still in the rankings.

Shanghai: area of love words, the old station ranking title; rather than a regional word does the new title (the original area of the word; and now almost, that love for 301 to Shanghai, the ranking is good, or to the original station according to the ranking, and the beginning is not very good the new station has ranked

(the biggest change)

website snapshot update to 4-9, included in the 12, the chain increased (19), replaced the old station Ranking Ranking, the old station ranking disappear. Google has been included in the new 265 (site old site included 993), new or old title station title. (the rank did not observe, failure). By the above observation, be sure it is 301 is right, the weight transfer is also normal.

) will appear



recently a friend said to me, he is going to change the domain name, the reason is very simple, not their own domain name management authority (Khan, he began to do not know this, leading to the accumulation of 5 years the weight of the domain name is completely up to others). So I promised to give him 301 weight transfer. In fact, in this case, to very good progress, but in the 301 transfer period, domain management and space problems, resulting in 301 sudden interruption! Very depressed, but it is gratifying to test out the noble baby. Below I put out records for your reference, I hope there is help.

ranking phenomenon:

website snapshot number 11, 100 included for 14, Google included 119, the chain was 124, ranked no change.


website snapshot number 12, 100 included for 14, Google included 141, the chain was 129, little change in ranking.



(Note: the weight of the replacement basically, but the strange thing is, new ranking title is the old site of original title

website snapshot update No. 10, included 14, Google included 72, the chain did not change, also ranked only minor changes. Little change in the overall

website snapshot update to 4-7, but included not increase, ranking no change. The old site was not affected.





Google: no matter whether regional word appears in the old station in title, Google in 301 and Shanghai is not the same as love does turn (perhaps their search mechanisms to express different.).

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