Domain results in the title or description and site inconsistent solutions

Hello, I’m Wang Jishun, recently many people reflect their own website in the query domain using the domain command, found their search results, or describe the site title and site title and description is not the same phenomenon, many people feel panic, guess this is that such search the engine down right on the site. In fact, as a webmaster, our own most clear website, completely don’t use speculation of techniques to evaluate the site, the site of North Amoy bar as the case to explain the forum website title and description information and website inconsistencies.

Website Web site keywords phenomenon of title and description and the real information website very different search, you need to detect and troubleshoot on site, general this phenomenon caused by the following reasons:

can be seen from the figure, website snapshot, love Shanghai love Shanghai has certain weight, seems to see no sign of any search engine drop right.

we can use the information for the record number at the bottom of the only, to search.

solution: according to the website to modify the contents of the most appropriate description of the site, for a period of time, the search engine update data can be recovered.

let us look at the direct search results:

was changed by intrusion description " cat Once the

this phenomenon, in the search results, search engines will abandon the description information of the site itself, and describe the most relevant information, and web content.

description information and the results of the domain command is the same.

website domain name

can be seen from the figure, the real description information and the website is inconsistent, there is at the bottom of the copyright position. Guess: because I use the command domain:www.beitao8贵族宝贝 is on the front page in the bottom position only the domain name, so the search engine is called dynamic description information.

site security do not, the web server was hacked, was to modify the site title and description for the home page has been tampered or.

home page of the domain name:

you can see, the text of the content description information, record number is also at the bottom region so that information and website real is not inconsistent with the description is a sign of a web site is down right of description in the domain, a search engine technology but.

solution: the login server, see the website homepage information is modified, website >

We take a look at the domain

1, website description information and website content difference is too large


first, posted today with the data of North Shanghai Longfeng query tools Forum:

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