Count the seven Links exchange in the game

three, the most easily overlooked tricks – reduces the chain page weight

This trick of the technical content of

has a special Links > page

exchange Links is every webmaster can do and must do, like when I was a rookie, main job every day is to exchange Links, think this is simply the most Shanghai dragon…… Exchange Links, experienced some webmaster handled fortunately some webmaster or Shanghai dragon was a rookie did little to lose. Most of the webmaster is to do good, the good faith cooperation each other, some owners love playing tricks very deceptive, fantasy these Links without chain, only to benefit and not return, this behavior should be condemned. The combination of my own rookie Shanghai dragon forum Links experience to the novice to count seven flowers under the part of webmaster often play a trick.

was the lowest, but also the most common. After you finish the webmaster and exchange Links, soon quietly unilaterally delete, so that you become a one-way link to the past. This website for some business station or business outsourcing is relatively easy to use, because there is no full-time Shanghai Longfeng management website, website management itself is a one-time take time to find a few links or Shanghai dragon outsourcing after being deleted.

, the non – technical content of the first trick – exchange, delete

if Links is a special page, you can see whether the page has changed PR, or directly to see if included, check up is very convenient, but it is easy to ignore, even don’t know this, I strongly recommend that novice friends pay attention.

two, a small technical trick – Links page is not included in

this is actually very easy to find, Shanghai dragon love check link program, also love to see each other directly home, no matter in what way, we should always check the website of the Links. If the other side quietly took, I personally think that no need to contact each other to ask the reason, you also don’t mention it, delete this link directly, in some cases, choose not to believe the webmaster. If it is some big company type of website management, website, due to personnel flow caused by accidentally deleted, you can go to consult, such links are valuable, worthy of you to try again.

according to my experience, there is a considerable part of the Links web page is set to a common web page, link structure is also very normal, especially a website or website. But this kind of Web site owners are using the robots. file or meta page Noindex tag makes Links pages indexed by search engines completely no chance, if the exchange did not get any weight transfer. General novice exchange chain love each other to see Shanghai Longfeng site itself, to see whether after add their own site links, then check regularly, it might be negligent.

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