Love in Shanghai to see how live without

1. soft exchange promotion. Basically a web site to do the promotion of soft. Sometimes their soft Wen is invisible, ha ha, the news release form of soft wen. It is sometimes hard to find.

because my site is mainly MV sharing. This makes me think of can be extended by SNS community website. I have carefully selected outstanding MV youtube. Then join us in the website resources above URL, sharing in the SNS community. Of course。 You must have a large number of SNS friends. This promotion can have value. In fact, the promotion of ideas also apply to the meager promotion. Meager promotion is one of an important means of website promotion in the future. I think the little promotion in the future will become increasingly difficult. The development of more and more matured meager. There will be a lot of professional firms are meager promotion, for individual webmaster to hand is a huge competition.

because I work in a large professional portal website (don’t say the industry specific). The following simple talk about how to promote the site.

recently love crazy Shanghai K station, as a veteran of the old webmaster. My site is also not spared. Love is all about the sea K. In the face of this tragedy. I self-examination website. A Links website is K, but this is not my station is the main cause of K. The landing site server detection, found a large number of illegal information content in my website root directory, which is all of the information and the "six @ [email protected] color", there are thousands of pages. Finally found the site was the cause of the K. I love Shanghai station itself weight is 6. The contents are released can be included in seconds. Do not know the two pen hackers use my website vulnerability to attack. I caused huge losses. After being K site traffic dropped 2/3. Directly affects the normal operation of ideas and development of the site. Here tell the novice must take the security of the server in place. Regularly check the contents of the server. The K also deeply attracted my reflection. Promotion mode has been to before the Shanghai based love sometimes can give the website a devastating blow. Below I tell how to leave the love of Shanghai increase website traffic.

because of my website is the forum, all resources are required to be registered before they can see. So far there are 140 thousand members of the site. In love after Shanghai was K, I see the source of almost most of the sources are directly input into the site through the web site, so during the old user I huge gave me great faith to survive this difficult night. So I suggest that the majority of the site to increase user registration function, constantly close to the user. Keep your website a small circle. If you really want to keep the user must have the resources, ha ha, this estimate needless to say. Now many websites are developing their own website offline communication mode. For example: QQ, YY etc.. These models can also retain a lot of users. For the novice to try.

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