How to build high quality chain

strongly recommend everyone to exchange some high quality Links, speaking of high >


The chain is a good choice for Q & a platform navigation station ?

4. classification information network


although Shanghai dragon industry is already quite mature, but mature means more competition, you need to know more to beat your competitors. Unlike six or seven years ago, just do something can have a good ranking, after all that time did less. So many people compete with you, basically you can think of others can also think, so you need to do better than others, so you will be more opportunities. Today a separate discussion of some methods and techniques to do outside the chain, the introduction of the chain, because the chain has a very important factor in the whole process of Shanghai dragon. For many people confused in how to do outside the chain of friends, here are some very practical, as long as it executes hard will have a good effect. I hope the following content can help to you.

many people tend to ignore, in fact, online query tool can also build the chain, like love station, webmaster tools, as long as you have a query of a page, this should not be easy to think of

classified information network to do the chain is good, generally will not be deleted, and the weights are very high, like 58 city, go to the market, the list of people, the nets are to do outside the chain, the effect is also very good.


navigation station in recent years is quite good, such as the 123 navigation station, you go inside and submit your web site, as long as the success of even a chain. But now this method has not high pass rate, the navigation station is not easy through, but small local navigation station can still try to, the probability of success is good.

6. Links

familiar like Shanghai know, 360 answers, Soso Ask, and you ask, Sina knowledge and so on, these platforms can also do outside the chain, the effect is good, but love Shanghai now relatively difficult to do a little, if your company money can be outsourced to other people to do is good choose. You can try other platforms.


in the forum, but note that if you want to build the chain of high quality to relatively large flow, the weight is relatively high, is the best with your site’s relevance chain construction forum. You can post, leave a link; can also write your address in the signature inside, can also leave a link in the plate inside Links exchange. Many people ignore the point, do not look after, be sure to check the chain do not included, if included a good many of these platforms do outside the chain, if not included, you do not have what effect.

5. online query tool

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