Google teamed up with 360 Shanghai war love both how much chance of winning

Google: I think that the most depressing world is the Google search engine, because by virtue of its own strength, it can be said that Google in the global scope is invincible, but China ten mysterious fertile land that Google repeatedly crashed, finally lost away, though this is a political reason, but Google in China "or The climate does not suit one. revealed beyond doubt," at least one love Shanghai segmentation technology let Google in the starting line behind a big slice. At present, the market once again return to Chinese, I think Google’s purpose is very clear, that is the 360 advantage, regain their own market share.

Google 360 war love Shanghai, winning advantage

to say what is the latest news of Shanghai dragon world, there are 360 alliance with Google, I think the webmaster of this news is particularly exciting, because the webmaster’s dream to have a savior to kill love Shanghai, and this positive message directly to the 360 price rose 8.64% benefits. However, until now the two sides have not published an open letter, of course, this does not affect the final situation, because from various large media reported the news, may That’s final. together both, which by their respective interest.

360: Zhou Hongyi has always been a spot for the search for the love of people, 3721 failed and did not let the week total loss of search interest, but actually long-standing alliance with Google in early 360, the search on the line at the beginning there are people in the industry said that the 360 will be part of the flow guide to Google, then get into interest, although this part of the income is small. But the search industry friends all know, although the 360 has an enviable ten percent market share (perhaps slightly less), but 360 is not changed so it is worth showing off, at least from the current situation, 360 want to set up their advertising sales team is very difficult, but with the help of Google union advertising system, these problems is no longer a problem, the 360 can be more focus on business development.

in my opinion, love Shanghai down the Chinese search dominance is a matter, because of love for Shanghai.

Google has a system of noble baby AdWords advertising alliance is the most perfect in the world, adding 360, can make the alliance system become more attractive for businesses more, will have the advantage, chargeback phenomenon after all the love in Shanghai are too serious.

second, Google influence in the world are greater than the love of Shanghai, and Google has been advocating "network democracy", which has a high brand value in the minds of users, even now, there are still a part of Google yongcu, can be said that as long as the return of Google, they will immediately echo, and the Google with 360 local advantages, will have more right to speak in the client, it will have a higher understanding for Chinese conditions, developed a lot of bottleneck will be small.

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