Easy to appear on BBS signature chain construction error

error two: do not pay attention to the content of the post

error five: the effectiveness of

error: to win the number


platformMany people love to go to

optimization personnel always pay attention to the number of the chain in the chain when forum signature, although a large number of signatures outside the chain, but when the chain query love Shanghai is always a lot of ups and downs, the chain was closed after the soon to be deleted, this will lead to fluctuations in the chain site keywords ranking is not stable, which I think we do in the chain do not suddenly released outside the chain too much, it will cause your hair falling too fast.

forum for signature, such as the content of the post or reply content is also very important, and if your reply is basically: "thanks, good post and so on top," this kind of reply, then the chain included and stability are worrying, at the same time engine forum moderator displeasure, is likely to end up being ID. In the content, the author thinks we should be pay attention to, should not be like I mentioned above is for the construction of the chain to the number of.

is a living example for this author, I have a friend, he is also keen to do BBS signature of the chain, but he has a bad habit is often three days fishing nets two days of drying. In the BBS signature is well reflected, had a day to send five hundred signatures reply, also have a day not out. This result is the site of the chain like roller coaster up and down, this is a big problem for the site’s influence, at the same time I also want to emphasize a, is the most important for the optimization of execution. Not three days fishing nets two days of drying.

Novice forum signature

error four: single

to optimize some large-scale optimization in the construction of the forum forum signature of the chain, such as the A5 forum, Shanghai dragon why, but many webmaster is released on the fixed platform, the chain range is very limited, if at a certain point station account was deleted, so have a big impact on the number of the chain we will, this author believes in the construction of the chain platform should take diversified development.

error three: no rules

forum signature is as one of our optimization personnel use a kind of most chain construction method. It can be so popular is the main reason for the construction of low threshold and quick, many researchers in the optimization of the optimization initial contact from the beginning of the construction of the chain, and the methods for the construction of the chain is to start from the forum signature. Some people think the use of optimization forum signature is very simple, as long as the quantity can be enough. In fact, this is a mistake, the forum outside the chain need to pay attention to many aspects of the construction, the author today according to the forum outside the chain construction experience to share some common misunderstandings of the construction of the chain.

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