Website home page ranking unremittingly

two, insist that every update

I probably know the website link is within the chain, the chain, Links. First, Links, it pays attention to the quality but not quantity. I usually choose to follow up and update the snapshot of the website Links. So far, I can only exchange more than 20.

first, we must understand that a web site traffic is very important, but high quality traffic is more important. Because our ultimate goal is to let the website bring us business, win customers love. We need to choose keywords accurately, and not necessarily choose popular keywords. On the choice of keywords, I made two points: one is from the customer’s point of view to do a questionnaire; the two is the analysis of competitors’ keywords; finally my website keywords.


is an excellent website content is very rich, it is not only to attract customers, so that the search engines like. Now, website update has become necessary to do my homework every day. The content of the web site is the best original or false original. A related content increase every day of my article, I want to say to the original, not what people have less energy to write, my article is basically a pseudo original, but are very regular updates, so the search engine will give the site a good weight. At the same time, the PR value of the site also directly jumped from 0 to 3.




keyword density and on what position is also very important. In general, keyword density is about 3%-7% in the appropriate, don’t stack keywords. Keywords title and meta highlight the page title tags, web content and web page title text content should be reasonable. There are pictures of the ALT annotation can also add keywords, keyword text in bold and need to do some of the anchor text link to other pages.


, a precise selection of keywords

chain, I don’t know what methods to increase the chain. As to the industry and relevant industry website registered shops and add links every day a lot of registration. And go to a competitor’s site to see the chain they come from, and then try to put their station chain to those sites. Or go to some forum messages, to express their views and take a link. And the community, love Shanghai know are some good ways, you can use it. Although the reverse link to my site is very few, but.

was first built, not know what is the Shanghai dragon, do not know what is outside the chain, the chain, even the site every page design is done by himself. Now, although not the best, but many words have been ranked first. I persevere adhere to four or five months, I moved to Shanghai love unremittingly. The following is my station experience, and to share with everyone, hope that the webmaster exhibitions, put together a website to do better.

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