The reasons and Countermeasures of deep analysis now website ranking difference

can not get good rankings, according to my many years of experience to analyze. Many of the sites for beginners to use many methods but still do not go up, there are many reasons, many people do not have a little patience is not a long time, this is the most common cause of failure in the website, as long as we do, there will be good results, now I introduce why we the ranking always ranked up.

third have a very good outside chain, some people say that the internal and external optimization I do very well why still no rankings. A lot of love such as Shanghai know such have very good effect, if you have a lot of useless links, in fact, is a waste of time, the link to the top one hundred useless links.

fourth to compare their situation to the correct analysis and other sites, there must be trouble and unyielding personality and attitude, if you were doing well, but could not, but must adhere to, although it is not easy to do, but must be done in various ways, we should be good at discovering what is the engine needs.

website optimization involves many aspects, simply look at the structure and effect analysis of your web site, the most fundamental is the right way to keep a lot of beginners.

fifth is to have good hardware facilities, such as their own server, whether the theft of links, a lot of software is an auxiliary tool for the analysis, a lot of friends with the optimization software, but these software must be appropriate, otherwise be found will be very serious consequences.

is the first I said not adhere to the success of every man needs a little stubborn and long stick, this is a lot of Shanghai Longfeng beginners are very easy to make mistakes, to do a new website, regardless of its management how difficult, we must correct understanding he, we have no way to control search engine, we can not say that has been waiting for, waiting for some beginners is old, it is not correct. We should continue to change strategy, find the most suitable for their own.

In fact,

second is to find their own unique way of Shanghai dragon, the soul of the website is the website content, which accounted for the largest proportion of website optimization, many optimization beginners often use the chain, a lot of people know that, in the same way others is always better than you, it means he only pays attention to the external website optimization of it ignore the most important internal web site optimization, you can not only pay attention to the external website optimization, looking at your website, there is no right title and content, your keyword density is not really appropriate, don’t say your website is not much difference, must be the best degree you can do. But look carefully, will find their own shortcomings, while external optimization is very important, but the internal optimization must be standardized and correct. We will always do simultaneous optimization of internal and external, want to get rich quick, but will make you doubt the method of engine.

Many websites now

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