The new site of the diagnostic analysis

website security and configuration analysis of

Analysis of

some site itself is not set keywords, but basically all the business sites have their own core products, the diagnosis target keywords will start from here. Keywords core is suitable for optimization, is suitable as the main keywords. Very many web sites are not careful analysis of key words, keywords, description and title are free to fill in the blank, even. To determine the target according to their strength, heat and cold are meaningless.

ER in Shanghai Longfeng site diagnosis or optimization does not consider security issues. In a large number of Admin5 contribute to the author keywords analysis, Shanghai love tracking algorithm, diagnosis code, analysis of the chain chain and so on is not to consider security issues. For example, the basic robots.txt settings; I know the website optimization robots.txt, but related to the website and server configuration to attack Shanghai dragon, you may not understand it with the. For example, SQL attacks, implantation of cmd.php script file on the DNS server, IDC automatic detection of defense when shielding spider, which can lead to site is K or drop right. Some 37 customer sites in contact is due to network optimization problems lead to security problems can not solve the delay or configuration.


website layout and code

A lot of

from the site, updated at a glance, but the weight of this point is not obvious, not easily analysis from the website. To update the content that after optimization and operation of constantly updated content, at this point some customers do not understand the significance of understanding the update, simply looking for updates, and even repetitive things again and again to add. This should pay attention to the relevance and quality of content. The weight, is considered.

content and weight of

site layout is when the production site has good design. But the site is not in line with the requirements of the optimization design. Although many are using the mature CMS, but some details are still not accord with the optimization rules. Looks gorgeous beautiful page, but the code is a mess, is not conducive to the Shanghai dragon. This can be used to simulate a spider webmaster tools code to see what problems. If you understand the code, the best of the web site layout (table or DIV+CSS) examine and adjust, remember to keep the code simple corporate website; in addition to the site layout from two aspects of search engine and users to consider.


for the diagnosis of the new site, there are two situations: first, the new site began to put into operation; two, the website preliminary optimization but no effect; no matter which one is to Shanghai dragon view site diagnosis, rapid analysis of Web site optimization and operation problems, and from the web site for problem solution. 37 network from the introduction of these two aspects of how a new website do diagnostic analysis of

Keywords The

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