Wuhan Shanghai Longfeng Laochen of search engine optimization keywords do needle

webmaster Encyclopedia – Strontium strontium: Chen contact the Internet time is also long, to participate in the competition is what feeling?

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webmaster Encyclopedia – Strontium strontium: you just said the timing measured to the spider feeding, at the beginning of the Lao Chen is a day 2 article, then one day a, this has not affected the site’s ranking.

: welcome to Wuhan Shanghai dragon strontium strontium Lao Chen to attend our chat show, the first old Chen to introduce you to your Internet experience.


Chen: the contest is very tired, it is time consuming, we don’t mind to have no use. It has accumulated a lot of contacts. Thank you for a few months to

webmaster Encyclopedia – Strontium strontium: Chen participated in this year’s Shanghai dragon contest, we do not see the final result, also can see Laochen station from the beginning to the end, it is very stable, can have such a stable ranking is the main source of the several factors.

webmaster Encyclopedia – updated website: strontium strontium is necessary for the Kazakhstan, site keywords optimization, in title, description and keyword of the three description of what to pay attention to

Chen: 2 months before the start, is a day last month, 20 days before the day of 2, sooner or later each one, the last 10 days, the optimization has no effect, or the effect is very small, I am lazy right.


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Chen: there are four reasons: first, the race has very good weight. The second should be quantitative timing to feed the spider. The third should be stable in the chain increases. The last should be mentality more stable than others, no matter how volatile the keywords, always insist on doing second and third things, not because the words were pushed down, crazy with the chain and articles.

Chen: Thank you! Thank you! My name is Chen Ji, before 2009 the Internet experience can not talk about, that is learning experience, help others make money. In 2009 after the establishment of the studio, mainly for some small and medium-sized enterprises in Dongguan province to provide electronic commerce, network public relations, Dragon Phoenix and other integrated services, 2010 on the right track, then joined a new team. At the beginning of 2011 and the end of the world is a sub station cooperation, participated in the Shanghai dragon game

Chen: description and keyword do not have to care about, write eye-catching point on it, keyword can not write, write. As for the title must take the keywords you want to do. Personally feel that home TITLE as written character, let others see a time to remember, this matter is popular, or post ranking, have a great effect. The inside pages of the title should be in the service of long tail keywords you want to do, try to match the long tail keywords

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