The website design process optimization to identify the layout details

third, analysis of the web site keywords positioning principle. The author takes Pyramid way to show the core word, we must step by step with the needs of users, the core word generally located in the website home page, two key words and popular words usually in column page or project page and the content page, mainly to do is the site of the long tail word, with the general framework, then keywords deployment issue does not appear large deviation, we need to clear this point.

we know, website construction, webpage design is the premise and basis of optimization, as a qualified webmaster we have what is clear at the beginning of the design of the site layout, because we use different types of websites has great difference, this time we have to follow the details of what the point? I think we can think the following details and analysis.


first, fit the needs of users and content deployment. The general layout process is the first web site navigation, navigation is simple, general mainly reflects your main content of service enterprise station generally covers news display, product introduction, about us, second modules we should reflect the core requirements of the website, the core demand is mainly manifested in the two stage of our column page or the top left corner the key position of the services or products above, the main users are most concerned about the content present in front of the user, while demand is mainly for the core and core needs complement each other to illustrate the role of demand.



fourth, the website is small but excellent professional level reflects the website brand value. Especially the enterprise station, each enterprise has a few of their core products, as the site we should through these key products to reflect the value of the enterprise, therefore, not to take the partial enterprise products, itself is relatively small, in order to show us the tall but many do not own their own products or not mature products on the web, so it is very professional, professional degree is not enough, the brand value is bound to be affected by. < >


second, analysis of layout and structure design of the site. The author randomly designed an enterprise website template, although relatively simple but our aim is to illustrate the problem, this is the most common type of layout structure, mainly including the home area of header, the main header placed logo, values, contact, corporate culture etc. details of the main points, the middle part mainly includes the left column list is usually part of the middle part of the left side of the main product categories include the service concept and so on, the right side can be placed in some enterprise news, search function, and the bottom is the website copyright information, registration number, address, contact information can be reflected by.

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