Website ranking is not stable if you really know why

station, get keywords ranking is what is not difficult, but the stability keywords ranking is not easy, as the saying goes "Jiangshan easy, stable Jiangshan difficult", in the website ranking optimization also is such. For example, a site a month ago, the author of it already ranked is good, a lot of hot words are on page second, the long tail word in the home page, but insist on a few days ranking fell, the author analyzed, and according to the ranking is not stable to the original some main factors are summarized here to share with you, hope to help you master.

(three) no regular updates

(two) Title Site Title Change

because the site has just started, not too much traffic, so I use a more general space, just start to feel the speed is good, after all, not too many people come to visit the site, but after about two months, the website ranking has increased significantly, the flow quantity of the website is a lot of, often occasionally the space will not open, caused when a spider visit cannot grasp the content of the website, and also found that the background is very card in my website snapshot update, even occasionally also retreated, but at this time or in the rankings, but I believe this is a major factor in ranking fell, after all this website to the search engine of the impression is not very friendly. So here I suggest you Adsense if it is to long-term development, we must choose a good space, VPS or server to your site, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble in the follow-up time.

the beginning, I like many webmaster, develop a regular day for about 8 in the morning will be on time to update the website, and publish the content is the second, which fully demonstrated the site is updated regularly can improve the weights of the website, however, when the author the stationmaster ranked increased, probably because of Xinfuqisheng sake, the hands of a little money to start all over with friends together to play out, began to ignore the site, update the site regularly, occasionally there will be a day for two days not update.

(a) high speed stable server

In fact, for many

because my site do word is hot, and the optimization of the site at the same time, the weight of column page is also very good, many thousands of the long tail keywords are in love Shanghai home, but I also found my section of the site too much, a lot of the columns are not reasonable use of it in this also see many old station changed title title, the ranking is still very stable, so the author also produced changes column title of the title of the idea, and once changed two columns, then obviously the situation, so here I suggest that you have no special circumstances do not modify the title title, no matter is the home page or column page, after all, our website weight is not on par with the old station.

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