Shanghai dragon Feifei Shanghai dragon orders on negotiation skills

2, for the problem how to offer is worth discussing, price is not too high, too high if customers do not accept the offer is too low, too low if they don’t want to do, this is very important to how to choose a reasonable price, you must first understand the customers the product or business negotiation before the observation of the industry’s profits, a friend at least victorious, your heart has a bottom, can know how much he can accept the report, when the negotiations emboldened compared to the foot, because customers are not familiar with the Shanghai dragon, if you fear but let the customer feel you make a lot of money he the price high profit, low profits, low quotation, specific to industry, if you really do not understand that I can ask my advice, free help.


two, how to negotiate and quotation:

, how to access the Shanghai dragon optimization list:

2, see the word search results, love Shanghai index analysis, key words in the title position, love Shanghai bidding.


recently a lot of friends how to access the Shanghai dragon consulting business, how to offer, what keywords difficulty, summary of my personal experience in Shanghai dragon Feifei talk about a single experience, share with you

three, the difficulty of the key words

1, you must first determine the commercial value of keywords is what I said above the industry profits, the more profits do competition, more people will be more intense.

3, you can go to some of the recruitment website above, find the bidding website promotion or sale of products of the company, responsible people talk about web site optimization related matters with them, they can work with a variety of models, such as the mode of cooperation, outsourcing, advertising a specific model we can refer to several blog about Shanghai dragon Feifei cooperation model

1, you can go to some BBS orders area such as the A5 forum, Shanghai dragon why forum there are special edition

2, you can go with some of the website construction, website promotion, network marketing, Shanghai dragon QQ group, which will have a lot of people will consult the website promotion, how to do publicity, the key problems such as how much money, then you can private chat with customers

1, the negotiations to make customers trust to you, introduce some cases and some professional knowledge, let the customer know your strength, and orders to pay special attention when promised to customer conditions, such as the optimization of these words to several former to say clearly, sign the contract to details are clearly written, so after a dispute, the customer after the success maybe he will help you bring a lot of customers, several of my clients are introduced to customers, the most important is to customer loyalty, customer service because you accept you for who you are determined to cooperate with you, even if you do some high price other than the price, the customer will accept you, because this is a long-term cooperation and achieve win-win cooperation, customers want to find a stable long-term sincere person.

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