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The conversion rate of

in Shanghai is a hot spot in Phoenix, many Shanghai Longfeng concern can be said that if a website conversion rate is too low, the ranking is very good, traffic is also very good, so for the Shanghai dragon master, will feel rather baffling, relatively speaking, the sandbox relative to the more obvious, many enterprise network marketing leads to unsatisfactory results, get too little, the main reason lies in the bounce rate. If there is a website jump out rate is very high, so the big bounce rate for the enterprise itself is a big blow, he is to reduce the degree of trust in the people. How can we reduce the rate of jump out good website, increase the effective conversion rate of the website? This Chen Nianlai do some simple analysis.

within the chain will give reasonable grasp the contents of the site, the search engine provides a reasonable way, bring great help to the website of the amount collected. Dead links within the site is to effectively reduce the first thing to do, and can avoid the dead links, search engines principle, method and ranking, to the site in the layout of the chain, and in the website content with the previous article, the next article to guide users to browse more websites the page, if the conditions can be added such as "guess you love" and other sections of the recommended article "to attract more users browse articles and products. Even from the search engine, our website will also have the market and the user group. It can also effectively reduce the rate of jump out of the site.


second, increasing the contents of high quality website

high quality content, is required by customers, to help customers to solve the problem, then this is the content of the customer really love, but also the users in your website or visit your site again the best excuse. We can’t rely on the single page design is beautiful to attract customers.

Hello, I am Chen Nian, today the topic of discussion should be discussed many questions! Chen read as his point of view about the user experience, your jump out rate. As a qualified Shanghai dragon staff, traffic, website keywords ranking of these is the most basic, most should do. But do these, does not mean that you are a good Shanghai Longfeng staff, customers for the optimization of the website that not only based on the keywords and website traffic on the main or marketing sources. It is a site to not only flow and good rankings, more important is the conversion rate, is to enter the site, the number of users registered on its website and buy the product, and the site brings to the enterprise income, is the best the best evaluation of the real website marketing. If a site has spent tens of thousands, he can bring a lot of traffic, but not very good to keep these visitors, then this is the increase of the bounce rate site, thereby reducing the real purpose of the enterprise do Shanghai dragon.

layout and distribution site within the chainThe site layout and

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