E commerce model enterprise award HiShop in the end what to do

recently, HiShop in the field of electricity supplier technology and service awards. Issued by Hunan Province Electronic Commerce Department 2015 annual "e-commerce business model" HiShop was again reverted to the bag, the HiShop company responsible person said is not what is said. HiShop reaction of the award is very calm, no release, no celebration of wine, there is no overwhelming publicity, founder Yang Bin took out a sign on the drive back to the company. Because the recent launch of the product to be released so that Yang Bin had no time to celebrate, his heart still can not put the product. HiShop won the prize, the reporter asked him, "what do you want to say about this HiShop award?"." Although no official HiShop what are clear, but insiders are aware of a product and the surrounding all things enterprises, winning is a logical thing. So it may not be necessary to say anything, the details of the weekdays have been explained by the details of today’s results.

figure: Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce awards photo site

HiShop won a breakdown of these years in the business service provider in the field of company awards, in front of the display bar is full. Just brought back the "e-commerce demonstration enterprise" award staff was carefully placed in the middle position, on the HiShop (maritime), service is the first one. The award-winning frequent but not quiet, HiShop this road for 13 years, almost every year the award ceremony will bring several awards, let reporters asked "these years, HiShop (maritime) on earth did what


technology, awareness of the leading R & D team

R & D team is mature technology determines the core value of a product. HiShop R & D team assembled a large number of industry elite, in the field of technology development is a pioneer. A number of technologies in the country are the first, look at the HiShop’s many products, almost no performance has been exceeded. The strong product brings apart from these advanced technology, there are more conscious consideration determines whether a product is easy to use, it can be more appropriate service users. And these thoughts are more thinking from the team on human nature, thinking about the use of habits. HiShop R & D team has always believed that a good product is obviously not used, but it seems to have used the same." This is easy to produce ambiguity, misunderstanding is easy to be considered plagiarism. And its practical significance lies in the fact that if a product is really easy to use, there will be no doubt in the use of the process, the use is very high. This experience is very comfortable and smooth, and such products in solving the problems and difficulties at the same time, also can give users a better life of illusion, a lot of the time this is considered from an enterprise to the user.

a team is able to work on

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