The chain of some unknown secret means amazing


love experience platform. Figure

, the chain form, there are many other places outside the chain, as long as you work hard to find absolutely unexpected harvest.

as shown above, the title included is the beginning of the uploaded file name, so if we start with the URL in the file name, the title here on the back into the URL beginning, then form the chain with the chain of video is a truth.

these are the chain of love of Shanghai’s own products, if not the chain links, but is still a little weight, and the ratio of love Shanghai know that Wikipedia, these old brand audit by degree is easy.


love Shanghai album title chain. Xiangce.baidu贵族宝贝. With the first approach is the same as

Another example:



as the chain above, the chain is not the owners of their own, but the other owners voluntarily cited, because your article is good, or you are quite good, while others the article will naturally think of your ideas and quote, if you do it well, the number of this chain is immeasurable. Of course, some owners do not deny the existence of duplicate reference views of others or article and have to leave the chain, but despite this, tens of millions of webmaster even if only a part will leave your links, then the number is still immeasurable.

now many webmaster complain that the chain is not good hair, hair is not to add links. It is only a part of the webmaster defined forgotten chain. The chain is not only the anchor text is not a privilege, super chain copyright. There are many kinds of forms of the chain. For example, the title of the video web site outside the chain introduced before these few people know, but now also has popularization. This is to say now, only a few people use chain technique.



Tencent micro-blog micro-blog chain, as shown in figure

For example: micro-blog, sina

chain home page

is very good

love Shanghai SkyDrive chain technique

In fact, in addition to the above 4 The chain of Shanghai

love Shanghai SkyDrive is the second half of this year on the line, is to provide the network file backup, synchronization and sharing service for the user. As we site:pan.baidu贵族宝贝, you will find that the content of the page will appear included.


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