Shanghai dragon Combat direction of implementation is very important is the key

scheme, the construction site around the keywords, within and outside the chain chain. Among them, the construction of the chain is emphasized in the reasonable layout of the site keywords anchor text, set the relevant reading articles, and ensure that the static internal links. Overall, this can improve the user experience and the spider friendly. The construction of the chain will be Post Bar, know, navigation and other high quality platform as the focus, pay attention to the diversification of external links, evenly distributed widely, and remind grasp the construction of the chain speed, increase the amount of weekly and monthly. The reason for this is that if the 10 chain from the same domain, rather than from 10 domains; 10 more than 1 spam links to a high quality of the chain. Control the construction speed of the chain is to avoid a short period of time to acquire the chain, cause the search engine of doubt, may lead to punishment.

no mentor, everything depends on your own way. I went through a lot of detours, have experienced the joy of progress. Think about it, in fact, the process is also very important. Shanghai dragon is not only the pursuit of a satisfactory answer, and taste in the process of sour, sweet, bitter, hot endeavour.

just started to contact the Shanghai dragon, I’m just a website editor. Stand in the small angle to see the optimization work, I was really confused. Although the training has been organized, with the Shanghai dragon the actual level of the gap is too big, but because he has his own research work, Shanghai dragon was later assigned took over a new sites. At that time I was a little nervous, feeling like a recruit to the battlefield, began in the true sense of the Shanghai dragon combat.

, formulate the overall plan made clear Shanghai Longfeng optimization direction

first, I first reviewed the relevant data, according to the actual situation of the site has developed a set of optimization scheme, from many aspects, keywords within the chain, the chain, to determine the priority of each project, the implementation of specific personnel of various departments. This scheme is to establish the basic framework of recent optimization, and lay a solid foundation for the later work.

scheme, Links occupies a very important position. For a new station, if there are other sites from the vote, the benefits are considerable. First, attract spider crawling to your site; second, improve the site keywords ranking; third, increase website traffic; fourth, there is some help for the weight and the PR value of ascension. Among them, the friends please link needs to pay attention to several aspects. Friends of the chain content and site related properties need to prevent the other; using nofollow and >

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first, the website identified two core keywords, is a brand of the web site keywords, the other is a hot industry keywords. In more than two months later, the optimization work site have a backbone, is in reality can be seen, executable. Once you have the direction, will gather their strength, towards this goal ahead. Most of the time, there is no target is the biggest obstacle. As the saying goes, everything is difficult at the beginning.

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