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from the original directory. Web site classification: [贵族宝贝 mod=artinfo& aid=17]

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login, recent search site, found that search has several days not included in the website page, SITE site without any content, originally thought to be K stand, today in Lu Songsong blog, through his analysis, through their own experiments to determine the search has included.

check back to the replacement from November 14th Sogou soso will oversee Tencent website search, search is to accelerate the demise. It seems the search has disappeared in the state, may have no one to maintain it. Sogou is about to take over Tencent贵族宝贝’s search business, the search has not included any web search. In addition, incorporated into Sogou technology, business data, and the whole team, including director level staff. You will disappear, the team will show how the style in Sogou?

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