How to correct and effective complaints love Shanghai

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The replacement of the

1. site is not suspected of cheating: if your site itself is unfair means to do so, it is best not to complain snapshot, because this behavior is "nothing to find out". Love Shanghai for cheating the increasingly stringent audit, cheaters are not immune to hide love Shanghai, which have to send home to their own


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web server in the snapshot, appear abnormal, my friends and I were like love Shanghai complained of no less than 5 times, only a successful. Then according to the experience of several complaints, my friends and I analyzed, draw the conclusions above, may not be accurate, but better than aimless blind complaints.

2. complaints to write clear, best picture: after a few complaints, although I found love Shanghai now faster processing speed, but still very lazy. For those unclear complaints, love Shanghai essential not to solve the problem. So if you want a snapshot of complaints as soon as possible, then it may be hard to write clearly, and illustrated explanation.

Shanghai dragon snapshot will inevitably encounter unusual problems, complaints and love Shanghai snapshot is a good recovery method. But many people complain, complain the snapshot has no effect, or even by the love of Shanghai punishment. In fact, this is a wrong understanding, love no results or snapshot complaints in Shanghai suffer punishment, generally means there are other issues 1. site 2. complaints caused by incorrect. Share with you some, I summarize in the complaint love Shanghai when the snapshot. The recent Web site to replace the server, to grab a "love Shanghai" in the construction of the page, after two weeks of hard optimization, love is still not returned to Shanghai. Not only has taken a snapshot complaints to solve the problem, the complaint process is not smooth, but after several tests and summarized, finally through the method of complaint snapshot, solve the problem now. Snapshot complaints which need to pay attention to

3. gives the problem expected: it is very important to me several times before the complaints are not resolved, at the end of a complaint with the following words "recent Web site space is not stable, in order to pursue a better user experience, the replacement of the web space, during the replacement of network space station, causing between the web and spider short lost contact, I personally think that is a problem here, help the investigation and solve the" love Shanghai staff to solve the day then please. So for the time, or to try to simplify the workload of others, others have no obligation to help you


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