Micro search search and love Shanghai to achieve the three world final

second, micro search products can be said to be a disruptive innovation, all have their own soil to survive in the mobile internet terminal, and the soil has cultivated a large number of fans from the user, so users do not have to worry about potential. However, the micro search after nearly a year of development, and the original location seems to be a dramatic deviation, not only to achieve the desired amount of users, and the user loyalty more impossible. The result of core elements of this show is that the micro search content is mostly the public account > Ping

as the search industry seems to validate the long history of our country, the evolution process of the long time. The first is Google and love Shanghai Chu Han Central Plains, but as Google violated many be inopportune or inappropriate policy in China, leading to the Google retreated to Hongkong, finally began to be abandoned by the user, so far in 2008, basically all is love Shanghai in the search field dominate the world.

, 360 search operations have two years of fast change tack, its name for a good search. In 2014, based on WeChat search micro search turned out, but as a love Shanghai veteran monopolist but in the recent year, not what action is up in the mobile terminal of their products has been optimized and adjusted so as to enhance the user experience of mobile terminal. But this is not that the core advantage of love Shanghai began to become weak? Will in the new era of mobile Internet, will eventually form three hegemony?

but in this period, the search field also undercurrent surging, micro search Sogou search, and in recent years began in 360 and now renamed search search and Tencent based on WeChat began to attack the love of Shanghai’s dominance, especially in the mobile Internet rapid development today, the search area is a matter of veteran strong enterprises or new strong search seems to want the layout in the mobile Internet terminal. It has its own advantages in this one is particularly good search and micro search, and this advantage is obviously underestimated for the love of Shanghai.

At the beginning of the new year

first, good search brand and loyalty is relatively poor. A good search current success comes mainly from the 360 security guards in the field of desktop security dominance. Although a good search made reducing search experience quality, eliminate the false content banner, but as a business pursuit of profit is the invariable nature, may be in the short holidays for their own search database strict screening, but driven by profit, there are some advertisements gray cut the inevitable, so in the end the slogan of the competitiveness is not strong. Technical limitations plus good search itself, especially the viscosity of users at the end of the mobile Internet is still relatively poor, so I want to challenge the status of Shanghai love is difficult.

in the context of the mobile Internet, whether its future evolution will form and search and search micro love Shanghai three world situation? The author thinks that this possibility is still relatively small, mainly because of the following:

Then the development of

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