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please do not worry, I then give us an important solution: our theme code optimization to the most streamlined. The most important is the combined optimization of table separation, header optimization, JS and nested css.

How do

these topics not only beautiful, but also filled with the most dark chain, advertising, actually the webmaster optimization greatly, in order to help students to better use WordPress for your website, I decided to create a series of WordPress tutorials, to give you a reference, first we talk about the theme of WordPress code optimization.

WordPress code optimization is: code ranging from less, in order to improve website loading speed as the core objective! To optimize your code, if your site is placed in the virtual space, don’t let your website load time more than 5 seconds; if it is placed in the VPS, don’t let your website loading time for more than 3 seconds.

a lot of people are doing their own website with wordpress. Although the theme of free WordPress on the network already has tens of thousands of a, but in my opinion, many topics are not in line with the Shanghai dragon optimization.

1, table nested: I watched WordPress free theme, many for the sake of simplicity, the use of a large number of nested table, and when table is loaded in the browser, will need to render the program fully loaded, there are some topics even in the absence of the closing table tag, causing the browser cannot normal rendering card in table tags at. Do the site should minimize the use of table tags, open speed using div+css to draw a table can better improve the website.


WordPress theme

This means that

2, header Optimization: you can check your site header tags, whether there is a lot of don’t know what the meta label? As shown below (a WordPress using the default template website):

why do I say this? It is because the love of Shanghai on the website of the opening speed of the rigid standards, even in love Shanghai webmaster tools specially launched page optimization suggestion tool.

a lot of out of order links and comments, even quoted other web documents, as everyone knows, as long as your code to refer to the file, then the browser will go after loading the end of these documents will continue executing code, if the other site

is love Shanghai owners hope to optimize their website open speed. If your site open speed slow is likely to be right down.

code optimizationThe core

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