Not conducive to search engine spiders set

3. jump:

Some sites design of Flash

usually recommends tracking user access, instead of generating Session ID using Cookies. The visitor is or program to determine the search engine or ordinary users, if the spider is removed, Session ID, Session ID for spiders is not what meaning, the spider not fill in a form, do not put the merchandise into the shopping car.

station used, except 301 of them jump away, all the way to jump search engine will not support, some black hat Shanghai dragon often jump to deceive users and spiders, so unless otherwise cannot but do not try to jump.

5. dynamic URL:


used in the small area of the page enhanced page effect is very normal, for example, Flash advertising icon etc.. This is similar to the small Flash and pictures almost, just a little more vivid than the picture. A small part of the proportion of Flash occupies only HTML encoding, and page text as the main content of the page, not on the search engine is affected.

sites, using Session ID Forum (session ID) tracking users, each user to open the site, will generate a unique Session ID, and in URL. This will cause a problem, is that every time the spider come to your website, will receive a new URL, but the content is exactly the same as for search engines, multiple URL to the same content page, or multiple URL pages similar, resulting in K stations.

visual effect is good, but the search engine is not friendly, affect the spider crawling and crawling, unable to improve website ranking. The Dragon Spirit collects and summarizes the following 7 points of common spider settings.

if you don’t know what is the frame structure (iframe), so you have to avoid a search engine to a set. If the existence of this kind of frame structure, try not to use the engine spiders for frame structure views like Flash.

All jump

but some pages, is entirely a big Flash, if so, will lead to the spider can’t grab any content. There is a website used to open the home page first appeared in a Flash film, such as watching the titles again turned into a normal HTML page. Spiders can not read Flash, also cannot distinguish Flash jump. So this kind of Flash is best not to appear.

refers to the so-called database driven web sites generated, with a question mark, sign, or the existence of a >


Dynamic URL

4. framework:

2.Session ID:

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