Why the more than 20 day Shanghai website only included 3 pages

Three, the original

analysis of Nanning Shanghai Dragon Team:

many beginners and headache is included, believe that everyone is a novice had this kind of situation, this will make a lot of new hate search engine can scarcely wait, hurry up by your own website. We shouldn’t let myself anxious, to have a good look at the search engine, otherwise things will encounter more will make you worried, for example, floating down the right site keywords ranking etc.. These search engines will make you more action after the worry. So, I want to have a good attitude to look at the search engine. Here we take a look at the users encountered problems.

I went to

I according to the friends of the site in a look, a glance to know what the problem is, website update frequency is too slow, I see how the past. We all know that search engines love new things, if the website search engine spiders in today and tomorrow to see something like this, the search engine spiders see again with something as like as two peas website yesterday, there is no change, the search engine spiders to your site is less natural. This is also one of the reasons why the website included less.

two, the update frequency of

site collection >

I see the contents of the article, really well written, but this is not you write these articles online, mostly, but not every word down, really sad ah. We all know that search engines love something original, but the original content of the Internet search engine is so scarce, love the original article. This website article is not original, is completely copied. However, this website is "inspirational" website, not the lack of some famous names, so, some are not change, but the site at the end of this article, can talk about their feelings, so they can form a pseudo original form, the search engine that is the love.

, a chain of


according to the users on the site, I was first to analyze the website with the webmaster tools, first glance to see what problems, the number of site outside the chain of less and less, I can count the fingers. We all know that the chain is to attract the spider crawling website and then crawl web content, can be included in the website, so, this site is the chain caused by too little problems included less frequently, grab no spiders, how could have included a chance. Nanning Shanghai dragon team would increase external links can promote the search engine spiders included more pages.

bigwigs, welcome to our evaluation under the guidance of one or two inspirational website, checked only included the 3 pages, see figure

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