Tourism industry how to promote the optimization of the station

, the first 1 tourists to Mount Huangshan is basically a 1-2, on the good, so visitors to lead less;

I of the tourism site, there are three kinds of the above analysis:

3, "Mount Huangshan tourism" love Shanghai index is very high, even if you use a very high means, optimization to the first page of the first page of love Shanghai, or Google, there is love Shanghai or Google can be classified as the development of advertisers, at any time may be artificial drop right;

third is to love Shanghai and Google, you listed as advertisers, first of all, don’t go to advertising, refused, if the real manual pulled back to your site, it will only accept, but don’t lose heart, you have the inside pages, you have other channels, only the unremitting efforts, the first page of the weight or will come up here.

access is to basically 1 or 2 times on the website and forum, but somebody else to a registered ID, the next time is not necessarily to your website, he did not travel to Mount Huangshan in may. So, in this situation, you can let people visit your site, recommend to others, because others are the future of Mount Huangshan tourism, so the content of the website should have readability, web services must be better to the needs of the visitor, to recommend this, I added on the page, reproduced by QQ blog, blog, QQ NetEase forwarded to friends and so on.

, can also choose micro-blog promotion, this is now used more, the most hot, but you also want to continue to draw the more you >

wait, there may be some other. You want to jump out at the traditional promotion of the circle, but the traditional promotion needs, but also continuous innovation.

is a large site, now more and more difficult, most of the webmaster now turn to take the industry station, local stations, and more and more detailed classification of site classification, this is the trend of the development of the website. But industry station, local stations, there are some limitations, we only recognize this limitation, according to their different sites, different ways of promotion.

2, according to the Mount Huangshan scenic area tourism website a lot, there are a lot of love in Shanghai, Google optimization very good old site (site has existed for a long time, some to ten years), so fierce competition;

In addition to the

second for some weight is higher, there is a long time the old site, we can choose to avoid the policy, and they don’t need confrontation, learn from each other, analyzes their deficiencies, do they not do I go to the local optimization, such as they have not optimized, channel optimization effect is not very good, we have to do with the two level domain name, but the content must be guaranteed.

took a travel website for example: their own on-line is the Mount Huangshan tourism site, you can look at, for the Mount Huangshan tourism industry in this part of the station, concrete analysis:

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