Traditional enterprise how far is our electricity supplier

since the last update has been a week, not because the work is busy no time, but this week I have been in the research and focus on e-commerce, especially the 2010 generation of the electricity supplier will send a lot of harvest. I don’t want to in order to ensure the update frequency and I couldn’t even write some articles to write, so every time want to think all share out, I have a responsibility to pay attention to my friends. Well, not much to say, following into the subject.

twenty-first Century is an age of information explosion, the best time is also the development of electronic commerce, Alibaba, Jingdong, shop No. 1 of the first success caused a number of traditional enterprises have been engaged in the field of electronic commerce, to expand their potential network channels, when they have stroke phase electricity supplier in the field of blood. Funded enterprises ultimately occupy a space for one person, but the small and medium enterprises to withstand pressure to exit. Although the strategic vision of the enterprise online business is going from bad to worse, but still stick to the position, because they are clear, the future development of e-commerce business trends. Continue to adhere to the same time, they will say "our electricity supplier of the road far in the end, when we can win, today I will do some discussion on this topic, because of the little experience, inadequacies also please master business exhibitions.

traditional corporate road how far? I think as a traditional business, we need to ask ourselves:

first, do a good job in the preparation of the loss of three years,


send CEO Xing Kongyu in electric network this year sent on behalf of the annual meeting of the electricity supplier that now is the best time of e-commerce development, but the competition is also the biggest time ", while Jingdong mall President Liu Qiangdong said" don’t look at the current annual sales amounted to billions of Jingdong, but the Jingdong or a money losing company, from it is not difficult to see that there is indeed a good opportunity to traditional enterprises to enter the field of electronic commerce, but in March before I think all the enterprise managers need to consider whether the next three years or even longer time to do a "eight year war" ready for


in fact, in the traditional enterprise bosses see others summon wind and call for rain, the company will play a piece of heaven and earth in the Internet, they also want to try, always think they are invincible, by virtue of their ability to succeed, but they who do not know the B2C field achievements of the company are to make money, they want to play their own quickly in the world, but how can these traditional enterprises prepare and resources for


I think many traditional companies want to enter the Internet e-commerce because around to see the companies are doing, they do not want to keep pace with the times, this kind of phenomenon in the author’s opinion is the effect of a trend, strategy and planning was not well under the condition of a hurry into the Internet, to become the industry heavyweights overnight as everyone knows, the electricity supplier of the road is still far away, if an enterprise to do three years of losses to the enterprise, then I think the probability of success will be.

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