The Shanghai love to share my experience of Shanghai Amateur Dragon


‘s article is the news, for the original, fresh content, I modify or re issued a wholly intact, the effect is very good, sometimes a few minutes will be love Shanghai included, in view of this, my hands are the "semi original", ha ha. I think it is love Shanghai for each server synchronous communication, the existence of the time difference, so in a moment of time that is individual retransmission, the server will "original", hey.

The content of

began to find some love Shanghai good ranking Links platform change link, then that the deficit is looking for some Adsense in chains.


my station is to promote the construction of a safety net enterprise website, in order to find relevant content, I mainly to early Chinese building safety net, net, and love the Shanghai news (search word building) to browse the collection, currently only to love the Shanghai news. Only collect "architecture" and "building safety" and "building materials" and other topics related to the good range of feeling a little later, so I from the website also opened more columns such as "decoration", "love Shanghai encyclopedia" extended layout, although with the website keywords "construction safety net" correlation is a bit far, but this you can collect more up-to-date information of all kinds, all kinds of content can be improved indefinitely, selective. Browse love Shanghai news for a long time, I found some love Shanghai love theme, even the sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height. So I selected some special search terms for news headlines to find love Shanghai news, such as "development report" "Competitiveness Report" and "Internet" and "love Shanghai" and "12th Five-Year" and "system" and so on, can achieve good effect. Release background information to audit a hundred responses to a single call, some illegal words might be blocked, including hot word "love Shanghai", I had to replace "Baidu", of course, the effect may be almost, unfortunately.

construction safety net (www.nnjjss贵族宝贝) March 10, 2011 news, the day before, the station is still in love Shanghai punishment, the recording and snapshot stagnation. Hey, no way, had to sell the original look, talk about my amateur Shanghai Longfeng experience.

As a result of the acquisition of

stands for "shops + independent domain name" website, by the Foshan Network Information Co., a hundred responses to a single call providing server space, maintenance operation and optimization promotion. I do, from time to time to update some of the content, the occasional hair outside the chain, and the optimization of the professional work of a hundred responses to a single call I compared to those work can calculate foil, so call the amateur Shanghai dragon. Although the Shanghai Amateur Dragon, sometimes on the global optimization or there will be no small butterfly effect.


know that a change in value chain in the PR value, but I PR0 itself, so do not expect PR high, so change the chain concern love Shanghai time snapshot. Later, Google found the reverse link is very precious, want to find brings Google trans website chain, but still did not find. Until now, there is a called "love stand nets", invented the so-called "love Shanghai weight", so I figured for chain after having.