The old owners pay you how to effectively enhance the site PV value

(a) value of the content of user needs.

we all know, people search through the search engine, are often to seek an answer or related information, so this time is the demand related content, so here I always want the site can be summed up relevant content data to show, this is love, know Shanghai SOSO ask the question and answer, and a series of reasons one of the popular quiz platform, someone asked someone to answer. So we want to retain users here to more users click the website related to the contents of the case, we are very necessary to improve the quality of web content, closely around a problem related to produce multiple types of problems, which makes the users find the answer under the premise, also want to know more about some the relevant knowledge, so as to realize the related content to click, to further enhance the PV value of the site. But the number of the webmaster must remember not to blindly pursue relevant content and ignore the quality of the content, otherwise the PV would do no good.

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(three) clear channel tour.

The new

a good PV value high site, a page is no ground for blame are generally relatively simple and beautiful, especially for the mall, picture type site, art requirements is extremely high, because users in your site for the first point of view is not content, and is said to a page your overall site, and the author in these years have done a test, two of the same content site, a very good art, an art mundane, the rankings of some elements are normal, but the art good site PV values are much higher than another so many times. The full proof point, a website for PV worth the influence is very large, so it is necessary for us to do not affect the Shanghai dragon under the optimization of as much as possible to do website design.

has been on the line for about three months, every day at their site traffic and PV daily growth, the heart can not say happy, as we all know, traffic and PV can directly affect the income of the website, and from PV can reflect the user visits the site PV and site depth, however the bounce rate is also closely related, so that a good site, PV values are not bad, but the PV value is not high site, relative user access depth is relatively low, naturally do user experience is not good, but also enhance the search engine algorithm with constant, one of the an index of user experience is also the site of the weight of the rankings, so that to improve the website user experience and the value of PV is imperative, so how can we effectively improve the PV value of the site today pen? I will share with you these years sum up some methods, hope to help you master.

(two) website design.