The web server is black how to do

analysis of web server is

how to avoid the doom

How to correctly cope with the ! website was hacked.

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said that although it is not too late. But I don’t think a webmaster will love their website by black case. So in the website optimization and management of the daily we need to pay enough attention to the website database password must be possible to set some of the complex, the web server log every webmaster also need to carefully check regularly, and for many website background management procedures, we also need to regularly upgrade, there to avoid more risk.


after a certain inspection work, if you determine your site is black. So the next step could be the first time to properly solve the problem of the website was hacked, the first time we need to disconnect the server link, in order to avoid affecting more web users access security. Then we need to modify the original web server password, of course, have a ready-made virus checking tool if a natural need for the data server in a sweep.

optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

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in the Internet world, for Internet users is greeted by a variety of wonderful cultural information. But behind the Fu network world is often hidden behind, before all kinds of stolen account must let numerous netizen friends heartbroken. For more owners, they are not willing to face is probably the server was hacked by bad experiences, then once on the web server was hacked, as a webmaster how to correctly deal with it.

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website was hacked in daily optimization

server is black as a healthy person suddenly ill, a healthy site was suddenly black behind must have a certain incentive exists in a short period of time. First, if the search engine will own website listed in order to risk sites, then our website must be black. The exception of the webmaster friends can also use Adsense tools to see or use the SITE command related queries, if related to pornography and gambling like vocabulary, then our website also means being black.

website optimization management in certain problems do not be afraid, for example the web server is black then we need to be calm, use the above methods to correctly solve related problems.

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