A small icon CO love to give you a new experience in Shanghai

4. a lot of people think that the high PR value of ICO small icon and website of Nantong Shanghai dragon research center that the PR value of this index applies only to the noble baby, like Shanghai such a search engine may be used even if the original site of the PR value of the index, but the technology is more and more perfect today, Shanghai will definitely love discarding this does not belong to you, also can not reflect the old technical parameters of the real value of the website. Especially when the experience launched its new website, love Shanghai will establish a new set of criteria.

[declare] Nantong Shanghai dragon research "

3.ICO small icon in general only website domain name address display (www.***贵族宝贝), all the web pages of search results other this website page headline will show the ICO icon, including the name of all the two level domain name. This is a prudent choice to love Shanghai, here is the protection of the new user experience, is responsible for the user. I believe in love, Shanghai technology continues to improve in the future, this experience will further expand.

1. the site itself must have a ICO icon (favicon.ico) stored in the root directory. And in between the HTML tags with the following code:.

6. believe that will never appear, all of the site shows a small icon ICO.

2. love here in Shanghai into the "official" concept, ICO display icons website itself must be official website. It has also become an important indicator of our direct search results page recognition in Shanghai love fishing website. As for how to determine whether the website is the official website of love, Shanghai has a set of his own authentication scheme.

recently when we use love Shanghai search engine, enter the keyword query, search results are given in the love Shanghai title before the emergence of a small icon ICO. Surprised when we love Shanghai, has quietly enhance the user experience. China as the biggest search engine in search results recommend love Shanghai website ranking has been criticized, many phishing sites even through the Shanghai dragon optimization to love Shanghai home first. At present, ICO small icon, although it can not make love out of Shanghai completely from these criticisms in go, but at least to relieve the contradiction between Shanghai and some love users. Now, many webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng people in the online consultation, how to make your own website in Shanghai love search results page has such a small icon ICO. According to the analysis of Nantong Shanghai dragon Research Center for a period of time, we summed up the following, for users reference:

5. my website is the ICO small icon? Nantong Shanghai dragon Research Center believes that a number of long-term and stable operation, no malicious code, user experience good site, will become Shanghai love this new experience after the expansion of the first batch of beneficiaries.

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