Analysis of Shanghai dragon case correlation of content to help you quickly ranking

This agreement includes both


first of all, this is a K, to do the site, title and template are replaced by another, an article was first completed in September 4th, September 5th also has an article, then stop updating, then September 24th is also an update, and then again after the stop. The beginning of professional optimization from October 15th, to maintain more than three articles content daily updates, to date 5 days, we see what keywords are ranked.

I added 5 strong correlation in the day of 16, of which two papers are about the "plaid shirt fabric" and "men’s Plaid Shirt pictures", and then we look at the ranking No. 19. (in fact, it has been ranked No. 18, only 19 more), from the picture, we can see clearly that "plaid shirt fabric, plaid shirt boys avatar, plaid shirt avatar, wearing Plaid Shirt girl head" with the corresponding ranking.

know its not to know why, especially for keywords ranking. We need to think about why this word will come up, what is the reason, these must be clear. Those words I had come up, there are three reasons.

second, choreographed article


and title match, also consistent with the keywords to do, for example, when I do "Plaid Shirt Avatar" this keyword, the title of the article is written "[picture] men Plaid Shirt Boys Plaid Shirt picture Daquan, there is your love" throughout all about "Plaid Shirt Avatar" thing, the alt attribute on pictures also have added, can be described as a high correlation.

if you went to see my article, should be able to see very readable. Illustrated, informative, these are my carefully planned, users come, see so good-looking content don’t want to go. From the statistics of the background can be seen after careful editing "

Let’s look at the corresponding

ranked No. 15 on the site of the plaid shirt.

in Shanghai dragon has been a year of excess optimization, no technical content, just a little white, because he is a novice, so in the optimization process, the optimization scheme has been followed by the most fundamental and basic content: + the chain, is relying on the two basic principle, also can put some keywords home. No matter how to love Shanghai face, no matter how Shanghai dragon industry turmoil, Shanghai Longfeng optimization is always the same: give users want, search engines will give you what you want. Here I will take recent optimization in a plaid shirt website as an example, I talk about how to win content, so as to obtain the corresponding keyword ranking.

first, highly consistent with the content of

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