After love Shanghai blocked the chain the new trend of the development of Shanghai dragon

Although the specific

so, you should understand that, based on the above we can translate the chain, the vote means love Amoy brother after Shanghai ranked regardless, and some user reviews, praise, scoring, collection, download and other trivial things are the important factors affecting your web page after ranking.

what do you mean? In fact, look at the words I don’t understand, but then he also cited the example: what is the user vote? Like Shanghai knows criticism, praise, love Shanghai library reviews and ratings, collection, download, share love Shanghai sharing features belong to users to participate in the vote.

for many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, Shanghai Longfeng not content and outside the chain, now cut off the chain fell in love with the sea, will waste operation contents of many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners in half, many people are very confused: Shanghai dragon then how should I do? Can only work hard in content but my writing skills are? Poor

if I do algorithm nobility baby designer, at least the following ways I will count.

the other day Shanghai official, vote in the chain of love Shanghai ranked in the basic was abolished, although many people think that this is not possible, but since the official announcement that dare to love the sea, love at least that Shanghai is foreign chain took tough measures, even if the chain has little effect, but also very little estimation.

how to do?

actually, we don’t need such a panic, because of a search engine marketing conference love Shanghai early in 2013 October held in Shanghai, love Shanghai Lee team is mentioned on the transformation of Wang Tao hyperlinks to vote for users to vote topic, emphasize the user parameters, the user experience in Shanghai in the experience of love.

, of course, these comments of praise, what at present, love Shanghai can be collected is limited to some love Shanghai. However, I believe the next love, Shanghai will cooperate with other Tencent, such as Sina, which is completely predictable, because in foreign countries, the noble baby has already started with Facebook, twitter, youtube and other large social networking sites to establish a cooperative relationship. At present, these social networking sites have begun to "baby in the aristocratic rank on the impact.

of these social networking sites is how to affect the site ranking we also can make nothing of it, but we can think about it, if you do love Google or designer in Shanghai, how would you

1. if a web page is to share the social networking software, and has been widely reproduced, must have the algorithm voting mechanism, according to the number of reproduced reproduced more, Yu Yue quite many people give this page to vote, "will get better in the rank of nobility baby. Of course, this share is not necessarily the whole page, but also is the anchor text links, a web page, the anchor text links, even here is nofollow all right, because.


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